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Know These Interesting Facts About Pretty Woman

Image Source: CarlosBarquero / Shutterstock

Pretty Woman, released in 1990, had a unique take on the concept of “big dreams.” The story, as well as the pairing of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, captivated audiences and propelled Julia Roberts’ career to new heights. It also left a lasting impact on pop culture. Let’s dive into some lesser-known trivia about Pretty Woman, from the original script to the film’s poster.

The Original Script Was Darker

The original script, written by J.F. Lawton, had a much darker tone. It was titled “3000” instead of Pretty Woman. Furthermore, it wasn’t a romantic comedy and didn’t have a happy ending. The original story depicted the passionate yet tumultuous week of two broken individuals, which ultimately ended on a negative note.

At Least Four Screenwriters Wrote the Final Script

The final script that we know and love today was the result of the collaborative efforts of four screenwriters. Although J.F. Lawton contributed a significant portion, Stephen Metcalfe, Robert Garland, and Barbara Benedek also played a crucial role in shaping the story.

Julia Roberts was Keen From the Start

Julia Roberts expressed interest in the film from its early stages when it was still titled “3000.” She was drawn to the character of Vivian and seemed destined to portray her, even if the film took on a different direction.

Real Filming Locations

The Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel was the only hotel that allowed filming both inside and outside. Fans of the movie can visit the hotel and even request to book the “Pretty Woman for a Day” experience.

Vivian’s Necklace Was Worth a Quarter of a Million Dollars.

The production team borrowed a stunning necklace worth a quarter of a million dollars for filming. It was accompanied by a designated security guard who never let it out of sight.

The “Cinderella Complex”

Some critics categorize the film within the “Cinderella Complex” genre. Other movies in this category include She’s All That, The Devil Wears Prada, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Ever After.

That’s a Body Double on the Film’s Poster

The iconic poster of the film features Julia Roberts wearing a recognizable outfit from the movie. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the colors are incorrect. Additionally, the body in the poster does not belong to Julia Roberts but to Shelley Michelle, a body double. Roberts’ head was later superimposed onto the poster.

Image Source: CarlosBarquero / Shutterstock

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