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Lakeith Stanfield Scopes Out the Public Opinion

Lakeith Stanfield Explores Public Opinion

Ever since the dawn of the internet, it has provided a platform for individuals to express their thoughts anonymously, allowing famous people to gain insights into public perceptions. If a celebrity were to directly ask for your opinion, you might feel hesitant to be completely honest for fear of offending them. However, online anonymity often encourages people to share uncensored views on celebrities, sometimes to an extreme extent. Even when celebrities manage their own social media accounts, some users remain doubtful, treating interactions as mere acts of trolling or pretend play. This is how Lakeith Stanfield delved into the online world.

In response to GQ’s suggestion, actor Lakeith Stanfield created accounts on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, labeling them with variations of “Actually Lakeith.” He ventured into the comments section of his YouTube videos, which can be daunting, but he proved to be quite resilient. On Twitter, he playfully engaged with users discussing him and his career, even jokingly thanking a user who expressed attraction towards him but was puzzled by it. Over on Instagram, he addressed peculiar questions from users fixated on a wig he once wore. Stanfield also took a peek at his Wikipedia page to verify the accuracy of the information presented.

It remains uncertain whether the users interacting with Lakeith truly believed it was him. However, watching the video of him typing out responses might have prompted a slight moment of panic for those who engaged with him. They might have thought, “Oops, I just sass-talked the real Lakeith Stanfield!” Nevertheless, he did clarify that it was indeed him.

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