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Mick Jagger Talks About Writing his Memoirs

Credit: Unsplash

In the entire history of rock music, and perhaps in music in general, there are few frontmen as legendary as the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger. I mean, you couldn’t even have a name like “Mick Jagger” if you weren’t the hottest thing since molten rock, to crib a bit from John Mulaney. If Mick Jagger was to write a memoir about his life and experiences in the limelight, it’s a safe bet that’d it’d be a best seller. Netflix would probably make a biopic of it. But if you asked Jagger himself, he’d probably just tell you to read about him on Wikipedia, ’cause he ain’t interested in writing.

During an interview with BBC 6 about his recent collaboration with Dave Grohl, Jagger was asked about the memoir manuscript that he had been allegedly working on for the past few years, and if the COVID-19 lockdown gave him any motivation to work on it.

“I could’ve done that [writing his memoirs], yeah. It was a thing that people started doing, writing,” he said. “I think in the ’80s I started it and I was offered a lot of money – the money was the seductive part of it! So when I actually started to get into it I really didn’t enjoy it…reliving my life, to the detriment of living in the now.”

“If you wanna write an autobiography, this is not a process you can just do in a week – it takes a lot out of you. It takes a lot of reliving emotions, reliving friendships, reliving ups and downs.”

Jagger explained that he didn’t enjoy the process of writing his memoirs, calling the exercise “dull and upsetting, and there really weren’t that many highs out of it.”

“So I just said ‘I can’t be bothered with this’, and gave the money back to my publisher, and said that I’d do it another day. That was the end of it. I think later I said something stupid like I’d written it and couldn’t remember any of it, but it really wasn’t that: I just didn’t enjoy the process.”

When asked if he would ever finish his autobiography, Jagger replied with a very concise answer: “Not any moment soon.”

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