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Millie Bobby Brown’s Reaction to Viral Vegetable Meme Garners Sympathy

Millie Bobby Brown’s response to the viral vegetable meme continues to resonate with many as she chooses to steer clear of perpetuating it.

The public has shown great empathy towards Millie Bobby Brown after her heartfelt reaction to the widely shared “the filthier, the better” vegetable meme.

Back in September 2023, Millie found herself at the center of a meme frenzy following an interview with UNILAD that caught fire online. During the interview, Millie mentioned her love for carrots, specifically stating that she preferred them “the filthier, the better.”

The clip from the interview went viral, unfortunately leading to some people making fun of Millie, drawing parallels to a character from Wallace and Gromit. Even the creators of Wallace and Gromit, Aardman Animations, jumped in on TikTok by comparing her to Wallace.

While promoting her new Netflix project Damsel, Millie participated in GQ’s ’10 Things I Can’t Live Without’ interview series.

In the video, she reiterated her love for carrots but made it clear why she chose not to hold a carrot during the interview. Addressing the meme, she said: “I saw a meme of me eating a carrot and then being compared to Wallace and Gromit. So I won’t be grabbing any carrots, as I want to avoid perpetuating that meme.”

While Millie seemed to handle the meme well, her response has evoked sympathy from fans who empathize with her experience of being the subject of such memes.

A viewer responding to her comments in the GQ video wrote: “lmfao I feel so bad for laughing at the Wallace and Gromit meme now.”

Another person added: “It’s sad that memes are created over trivial things in life. We support you, and you should be able to enjoy a carrot without any worries.”

On TikTok, a fan expressed, “she deserves better,” while another commented, “Poor Millie. She doesn’t deserve that.”

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