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Minnesota Doctors Rally for Vaccination in Newspapers

Credit: Unsplash

Minnesota is facing a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, with a 15% increase in cases over the last two weeks and a 10% rise in COVID-related hospitalizations, as reported by the New York Times. The state’s intensive care unit beds are nearly at full capacity, with around 40% occupied by COVID-19 patients. With only 64% of eligible individuals fully vaccinated, the medical community is urging for more people to get vaccinated.

Recently, a group of Minnesota healthcare professionals placed a full-page ad in the Minneapolis Star Tribune appealing to the public to get vaccinated.

“We’re heartbroken and overwhelmed,” states the ad. “Our healthcare workers are tirelessly caring for the sick, yet we witness preventable sickness and deaths due to COVID-19 daily.”

The surge in COVID-19 cases is straining hospitals, hindering regular operations and response to other emergencies, resulting in increased fatalities, whether COVID-related or not.

“At any moment, you or your loved ones may require our assistance. Heart attacks. Accidents. Cancer. Strokes. Appendicitis. Now, we face a crucial question: will timely care be available at your local hospital? Today, that is uncertain,” expressed the doctors.

“How can this occur in 2021, almost two years into this lethal pandemic? How can we as a society idly witness loss of life when a simple vaccine could prevent it?” the doctors questioned. “The accessibility to healthcare is gravely threatened by COVID-19. We must halt the spread!”

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