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    Miranda Derrick Criticizes Netflix Documentary About TikTok Group and Distances Herself from Family

    “While I forever cherish my Mom, Dad, and Melanie, we currently see things differently. I believe this documentary presents a skewed story.”

    Miranda Derrick, a professional dancer featured in Netflix’s contentious docuseries Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, has publicly criticized the show, rejecting its portrayal of her involvement with both the Shekinah Church and the personal allegations from her family.

    In the documentary, Dancing for the Devil, the relationship between the influencer agency 7M, Shekinah Church, and Pastor Robert Shinn is put under the microscope. The spotlight shifted to Miranda after her sister Melanie and their parents, Kelly and Dean, raised concerns during an Instagram live session about her being part of a cult.

    The series delves into the lives of a group of dancers who became estranged from their families after signing contracts with 7M.

    “It’s important for me to acknowledge the concern for my well-being, which I truly appreciate. However, given the ongoing defamation lawsuit, it’s not appropriate to address specific claims. I unequivocally denounce any abuse of any nature,” Derrick stated.

    Addressing the public distress shared by her parents and sister, she clarified: “My love for my family is everlasting. Despite our disagreements, they will always be a part of my life. I view this documentary as one-sided and unfair.”

    She added: “The privacy I desired was not honored by my family, leading to behaviors from them that I had not seen before, which was disappointing, disturbing, and frustrating.”

    Discussing her decision to not attend her grandfather’s funeral, she attributed it to family tension and her religious beliefs being branded as cult-like, fearing that attending the event would be a ploy keeping her from returning to Los Angeles.

    Miranda describes the documentary as a “public attack” that further complicates her relationships with family.

    “Nobody wants to be portrayed as manipulated, powerless, or as a trafficked family member, especially when it’s far from the truth,” she conveyed.

    “I’m not trying to change anyone’s beliefs; I’m just living my life. I haven’t asked for help from my family or anyone else; I am not a victim, not in danger, and not oppressed. The choices in my life are up to me. I truly value the continuous support as I process these events,” she implores.

    After the release of the documentary on Netflix, Melanie Wilking confirmed that Miranda once again chose to cease communication with her family. Despite Melanie reaching out, she has not received any reply.

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