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M&Ms Mascots Get New Looks

Credit: Unsplash

Despite being simple candy mascots, the M&Ms characters are easily recognizable worldwide. These walking, talking candies have been featured in commercials, billboards, TV shows, movies, and video games for many years. Just a glimpse of the Green M&M below the waist makes her instantly identifiable. To connect with today’s youth, Mars has decided to refresh these iconic characters.

Mars revealed the updated designs on the official M&Ms website to resonate with a “more dynamic, progressive world,” emphasizing the characters’ “personalities rather than their gender.” The changes primarily focus on the lower body. Green’s high-heeled boots have been replaced with casual sneakers, Ms. Brown’s heels remain but are now at a more realistic height, and Orange has finally tied his perpetually loose shoelaces.

According to Mars, the significant changes are in the characters’ personalities. Orange’s shoes symbolize a slight shift in his personality; still anxious, he now embraces it positively. Green and Ms. Brown have developed a closer friendship, with Green embracing her role as a “hypewoman” for her friends. Red, previously more brash, will now project a friendlier attitude. Yellow and Blue remain mostly unchanged, as they were already considered perfect.

Alongside the familiar mascots, Mars plans to introduce a diverse cast of anthropomorphized candies with various colors and body shapes in M&Ms commercials. This change aims to highlight their commitment to “self-expression and the power of community.”

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