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MrBeast Covers the Costs of Cataract Surgery for 1,000 People

The well-known YouTuber used his resources to give sight back to 1,000 people.

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is a highly popular content creator on YouTube, boasting over 130 million subscribers and a substantial net worth. He is known for creating elaborate videos with large-scale productions, investing in sets and services. However, his most recent video is both impressive and heartwarming.

In a recent video release, MrBeast personally covered the costs of cataract surgeries for more than 1,000 individuals suffering from cataract-induced blindness. The procedures were funded by MrBeast, while Florida ophthalmologist Jeff Levenson performed them. Levenson is also the head of the “Gift of Sight” program, which offers cataract surgeries to those who cannot afford them. The patients’ reactions after regaining their sight were captured, showing their joy at being able to see clearly again, some for the first time in a while.

Speaking in the video, Levenson mentioned, “Half of all blindness worldwide can be addressed with a simple 10-minute surgery.” He shared that his own experience of having his sight restored inspired him to help others in need.

“Following my cataract surgery, I was amazed by the vibrant and beautiful world around me,” he commented. “But it was disheartening to realize that there are approximately 200 million people globally who are blind or almost blind due to cataracts and lack access to the necessary surgery.”

Levenson confessed, “I wasn’t familiar with MrBeast before. I almost dismissed the call. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.”

As of now, MrBeast’s video has garnered 46,384,722 views and 4.6 million likes. Levenson is optimistic that the positive response to the video will lead to an effort to eradicate unnecessary blindness.

He stated, “If MrBeast can spark a change, with support from both public and private sectors, we can eliminate half of the world’s blindness. This can be achieved with minimal costs but with significant enhancements to human productivity and potential.”

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