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Multiple Paramount Premiers Suffer Delays

Credit: Unsplash

The reinvigoration of the COVID-19 pandemic over the summer has proven to be a major bummer for the film industry. Many big name film brands were hoping to have butts back in theater seats by now, and were all set to return to pure theatrical releases over hybrid theatrical/streaming releases. Sadly, due to lagging vaccination efforts and the delta variant, that return to normalcy has not come to pass, and nobody’s quite sure when it’ll be safe to go out to the movies again.

As a result of this, several major theatrical releases have suffered release delays in the hopes of getting viewers into theaters. The most recent example of this occurred just yesterday, when Paramount Pictures announced that their next two blockbuster films, Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible 7, have both been delayed. Top Gun was originally supposed to release on November 19, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, while Mission: Impossible was scheduled to come out on Memorial Day 2022. Mission: Impossible has now been pushed back to September 30, 2022, while Top Gun will be taking Mission: Impossible‘s previous slot of Memorial Day 2022.

In addition to the major blockbusters, several smaller films have been forced into relocating as well. The newest Jackass film, Jackass Forever, was supposed to hit theaters on October 22, but has been pushed back to February 4, 2022. The live action Clifford film has also been moved off of its planned fall release, though it has not yet been relocated.

As a result of all of these delays, Paramount no longer has any film releases lined up for the remainder of 2021, with their next planned release being the Scream reboot in January (and whether that’ll stay there is anyone’s guess). For the time being, they’ll simply have to rely on their other moneymakers, such as the Paramount+ streaming service, to keep them square.

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