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    Must Sees and Must Dos in Kingston

    Photo by James Willamor

    The Caribbean island of Jamaica attracts numerous tourists every year, most of which visit Kingston, the capital. The city has so much to offer in terms of culture and history you can possibly fit all the attractions in one itinerary. You can use these few recommendations as a start.

    Bob Marley Museum

    No trip to Jamaica is complete without an obligatory mention of Bob Marley. The old home of the reggae star has been converted into a museum celebrating his life and work. It is still owned by the family, and visitors can peek into his old rooms and recording studio, which were kept as if he was still alive.

    Port Royal

    Any Captain Jack Sparrow fans out there? You would love a visit to Port Royal. The port has a rich history as a pirate hotspot in the 17th and 18th centuries until it was destroyed in an earthquake. During its years of operation, the Port gained a reputation as the “wickedest city in the world”. Now, however, it houses no pirates whatsoever.

    Life Yard Jamaica

    If you’re interested in understanding the lifestyle and principles of Rastafara, LifeYard Jamaica is the place to go. Created by a young Rastafari community, it is an oasis of organic urban farming complete with a vegetarian cafe, a fresh juice bar, and different community projects for kids. Since the place is more of a neighborhood than a tourist attraction, you’ll need to join a guided tour to visit it.

    Coronation Market

    There is no better way to feel the local lifestyle than strolling around the market. And Coronation Market is like Kingston’s beating heart. You can get fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and a firsthand look at authentic Jamaican life. That being said, the hustle and bustle of the place can be a little overwhelming for non-locals, so you might want to consider hiring a local guide. Remember to watch yourself for pickpockets and not take pictures of people without asking them first.

    Dub Club

    To get a taste of the Kingston nightlife, visit the Dub Club. Located on Jack Hill, the place offers unbelievable city views, local music, and parties like you’ve never seen on Sunday nights.

    Blue Mountain Bike Tour

    A great way to see more than Jamaica’s breathtaking beaches is to join a Blue Mountain bike tour. The tour starts in Kingston and goes up the beautiful Blue Mountains. You can sample some local coffee and enjoy a quick lunch and then cycle down the mountain, surrounded by lush forests and rich biodiversity.

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