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Netflix Edits Real Phone Number Out of ‘Squid Game’

# Netflix Removes Actual Phone Number from ‘Squid Game’

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Normally, movies and TV shows use fake phone numbers that start with “555” to prevent people from dialing the numbers they see on screen. This is to avoid curious viewers from calling just to see what happens. However, in the case of Squid Game, a popular Korean drama on Netflix, a real phone number slip-up has caused a woman significant trouble.

Kim Gil-young, a woman from South Korea who runs a sweets shop in Seongju county, has been using the same phone number for 16 years. Unintentionally, her business number ended up being featured in several episodes of Squid Game, leading to a barrage of calls and texts from viewers worldwide.

Kim shared with CNN that she is constantly disrupted by calls from unknown numbers. The influx of calls, inquiries about the show, pranks, and even name-calling have pushed her to a breaking point. The stress caused by the overwhelming number of calls has compelled her doctor to diagnose her with acute stress disorder, necessitating medication.

Netflix has acknowledged the issue and plans to censor Kim’s number in all episodes where it is shown in Squid Game. Additionally, the company offered her a cash payment of one million South Korean won to help her purchase a new phone. Despite these efforts, Kim remains dissatisfied with the resolution.

Kim expressed her doubts about the sincerity of Netflix’s apology, questioning whether the response would have been the same if she were a large corporation instead of an individual. She believes that the situation calls for more consideration and understanding from the streaming giant.

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