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    Neve Campbell Confirms She Will Reprise Sidney Prescott Role in Scream 7

    Neve Campbell will be returning as Sidney Prescott in Scream 7 after stepping away briefly due to a disagreement over salary.

    Neve Campbell’s return as the iconic Sidney Prescott in Scream 7 has now been officially confirmed.

    While she appeared in Scream 5, Neve decided not to join Scream 6 following a financial disagreement. In an interview with Variety, Neve explained: “I felt that the offer I received did not reflect the contribution I have made to the franchise. It was a tough decision for me to move on.”

    In January 2024, she reiterated her stance in a conversation with IndieWire, stating: “I made a statement a few years ago, which was the reason for my absence from the film at that time. I felt compelled to express that I don’t believe I would have been treated the same if I were a male lead of a franchise for 25 years, and that belief still holds true.”

    Neve officially announced her return as Sidney in an Instagram post on March 12th with a heartfelt message. “I’m thrilled to share this amazing news!!! Sidney Prescott is making a comeback!!!! It’s always been a blast and a privilege to portray Sidney in the Scream movies. My gratitude for these films and their significance to me has never faded.”

    “I’m extremely delighted and honored to announce that I’ve been invited in the most respectful manner to bring Sidney back to the screen, and I couldn’t be happier!!! Well, maybe I could. While I’ve been exceptionally fortunate to work on these films with the maestro of horror Wes Craven and the incredibly talented duo of Matt and Tyler, I’ve harbored a dream for many years about how incredible it would be to work on one of these movies with Kevin Williamson at the helm.”

    “And now, that dream is being fulfilled, as Kevin Williamson will be directing Scream 7! This project was his brainchild, and it’s his brilliant imagination that conceived this world. Kevin is not only an artistic inspiration but has also been a close friend for many years. To the fantastic fans of Scream, I hope you share my excitement. See you on the set @kevwilliamson.”

    No further casting details have been revealed for Scream 7 at this time. However, it has been confirmed that Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, who played Sam and Tara Carpenter in Scream 5 and 6, will not be reprising their roles in this movie.

    In November 2023, Melissa was let go from the franchise due to her public support for Palestine. Spyglass claimed Melissa’s statements were anti-Semitic but supporters have backed her after the dismissal.

    Shortly after Melissa’s exit, Jenna also confirmed she would not be returning. Her decision was unrelated to Melissa and was because of scheduling conflicts with Wednesday season 2.

    Recent reports suggest Scream 7 will serve as another reboot. Patrick Dempsey, who plays Sidney’s husband, Mark Kincaid, is reportedly being considered for a role in the film alongside Courteney Cox.

    Kevin Williamson, the writer of Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 4, will now direct Scream 7.

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