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New ‘Dune’ Trailer Shows First Film Footage in a Year

Credit: Unsplash

I’m probably going to lose some nerd cred for saying this, but I’ve never actually seen the original Dune in its entirety. All I really know about it is riding sandworms and the “spice melange.” It’s one of those movies that you hear about a lot, but you never seem to get an opportunity to actually sit down and watch. If you’re a boat-misser like me, then perhaps the upcoming remake of the film will be a good opportunity to get on the bandwagon.

Warner Bros. released a new trailer today for their upcoming remake of Dune, set for release on October 22 after numerous COVID-induced delays. Radio on the film has been rather silent in recent months, likely as the theater industry tries to get its bearings after such a long period in stasis caused by the pandemic. It wasn’t even until earlier this week that we finally saw the actors in full costume, to say nothing of an actual trailer, which we haven’t seen since last fall.

We’ve got the new Dune trailer, though, and it showcases the sandy wonders of the planet Arrakis, whose people, the Fremens, are under constant oppression by the Harkonnens, who desire the planet’s vast spice-based resources. We’ve also gotten our first proper look at Timothée Chalamet, Hollywood’s favorite skinny dude, in the role of the young prince Paul Atreides, whose prophetic dreams lead him to forging a connection with the Fremen people. It’s not exactly a clear storyline, and the trailer doesn’t do much to help that, but if you want a synopsis, go find a picture of the back of the original book.

Warner Bros. has cut a deal with IMAX to present Dune in the highest fidelity possible, which is why they’re pushing very hard for a theater-exclusive release instead of the dual theater and HBO Max release they’ll be going for. The film’s director, Denis Villeneuve, hasn’t kept secret his distaste for the dual release model, insisting that the only proper way to see this movie is on the biggest screen possible.

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