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Nikolas Cruz Admits Guilt in Parkland School Shooting

Credit: Unsplash

In February 2018, Nikolas Cruz went into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, carrying several guns and tragically killed 17 students and staff members. Recently, Cruz stood in front of a Florida court as he faced the families of his victims, either in person or through Zoom. Cruz admitted guilt to all 34 charges, acknowledging his actions.

After pleading guilty, Cruz addressed the families of those he harmed. He expressed deep remorse, saying, “I am truly sorry for what I have done, and I have to live with this guilt every single day. If given a chance, I would strive to help others. I do this for you, even if you doubt my sincerity. I carry the weight of this tragedy daily, causing me nightmares and internal struggles, but I try to move forward because I believe it’s what you would want from me.”

Responding to Cruz’s apology, Tony Montalto, a parent of one victim, stated to CNN, “If he wished to apologize, he should not have taken Gina’s life along with 16 others that day.”

The selection of the jury for Cruz’s final sentencing will commence in January. At a minimum, Cruz will receive a life sentence in prison, but the prosecution aims to pursue capital punishment. Montalto emphasized the importance of not granting mass murderers the fame they seek, urging remembrance for the victims’ positive attributes and not the tragedy they experienced.

He added, “I believe Cruz should have no more opportunity than he afforded my daughter and all others on that fateful day of February 14, 2018.”

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