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Nintendo Takes Legal Action Against ROM Site Owner for Distributing Pirated Games

Credit: Unsplash

Despite some efforts by Nintendo to provide access to games from their older consoles, many games – from popular titles to niche favorites – are still not easily accessible. Obtaining physical copies of these games through legal means often involves paying high prices on platforms like eBay. As a result, emulation, where games’ ROM files are played on a computer program, has become common among players. However, Nintendo has consistently opposed emulation and has taken aggressive steps to combat it.

Matthew Storman, the individual behind the ROM site RomUniverse, found himself in trouble when Nintendo sued him for copyright and trademark infringement. Nintendo emerged victorious in the legal battle, with Storman being ordered to pay $2.1 million in damages through monthly installments. Although Nintendo initially sought to permanently shut down the site, Storman had already taken it offline voluntarily.

Recently, Nintendo pursued another injunction against Storman, citing his indication that the site might resurface and his failure to make the initial damages payment. The new injunction was granted, imposing stricter penalties on Storman. Apart from the financial penalties, Storman is now barred from reproducing, sharing, or engaging with any unauthorized Nintendo game copies. Moreover, he must completely remove all ROMs by August 17 and provide evidence of compliance by August 20, or face additional legal consequences.

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