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Noah Schnapp Advocates for Vegan Alternative to Nutella

Actor from Stranger Things Expresses Disappointment with Nutella Ingredients

Over the last ten years, Nutella, a chocolate and hazelnut spread, has gained immense popularity as a bread topping, rivalling classics like peanut butter and jelly. However, Noah Schnapp, known for portraying Will Byers in Stranger Things, felt let down when he scrutinized the nutritional information on his beloved Nutella jar for the first time.

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“Hazelnuts aren’t the primary ingredient, and the high sugar content made me realize I was not making healthy choices,” Schnapp shared in an email interview with Page Six.

His disappointment with Nutella’s contents inspired him to develop a superior substitute. Together with others, Schnapp founded a new enterprise offering a vegan alternative to Nutella called “tbh.” This new product is crafted from natural components with reduced sugar levels and excludes palm oil, a key Nutella ingredient linked to deforestation.

Through a campaign with Republic, a financial technology company, Schnapp initiated a crowdfunding effort for tbh, encouraging individuals to invest in the new product and transition away from Nutella.

“I believe in investing based on shared values rather than only sustainability because I truly think we have the power to make a difference with our financial choices,” he stated, noting that Republic’s investments extend beyond environmental initiatives to areas like social networks and gaming, which he also supports.

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