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Olivia Rodrigo Stops Distribution of Contraception by Abortion Funds During GUTS Tour

Olivia faced criticism for collaborating with the National Network of Abortion Funds during her American leg of the GUTS global tour and was labeled ‘the high priestess of child sacrifice’ by a conservative news outlet.

As a response to conservative backlash, free emergency contraception will no longer be provided at Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS world tour.

Earlier, Olivia launched ‘Fund 4 Good’ in conjunction with her GUTS world tour to advocate for a fair and equal future for women, girls, and individuals seeking reproductive health autonomy.

After an event in St. Louis, Missouri, a fan shared a picture of free morning-after pills being offered to attendees. Reports also mentioned the availability of free condoms for interested individuals.

Fans were given informational cards containing details about abortion resources, reproductive rights, and a QR code for those interested in contributing, in collaboration with Missouri-based Right By You and the Missouri Abortion Fund.

It’s important to note that neither Olivia nor her team were directly involved in distributing contraception. Stephanie Kraft Sheley from Right By You clarified that Olivia did not request the distribution of emergency contraception.

While the initiative was praised by fans, it faced backlash from conservative figures like Missouri state senator Bill Eigel and media outlets such as Breitbart News.

Due to concerns about minors accessing these items, Olivia’s team decided to stop the distribution of condoms, lubricant, and emergency contraception by the National Network of Abortion Funds at tour stops.

Some funds expressed disappointment at this decision, while others continue to appreciate Olivia’s support for the cause. Organizations like Prairie Abortion Fund acknowledge the missed opportunity to share resources and emphasize the importance of providing practical support like emergency contraception to individuals in need.

Stephanie Kraft Sheley from Right By You expressed gratitude for the spotlight Olivia brought to abortion funds and the essential role they play in offering pregnancy prevention and safer sex resources to communities nationwide.

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