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    People On Twitter Shared Their Best Stories On And The 60 Seconds Of Fame

    Image Source: Yalcin Sonat @ShutterStock

    Loving the Mac

    Sav, at a young age, won a contest that featured child models on Kraft mac and cheese boxes by drawing a picture about why she loved mac and cheese. She received a cool fifteen grand and a trip to Orlando. If a similar contest was offered today, it would likely attract millions of participants.

    She enjoyed the contest and had plenty of fun.

    Get a Room, Guys

    Anna Rumer, an entertainment reporter, stumbled into a special moment while on the set of “Very Cavallari,” a show following Kristin Cavallari and her husband, former NFL quarterback Smokin’ Jay Cutler.

    Teigen, a fan of the shot, posted a zoomed-in photo of Anna’s face in the comments. Surprisingly, the couple in the photo have since separated.

    Still Following the Yellow Brick Road

    Jessie Cannizzaro, a former child model, posed for a Halloween costume as Dorothy from “Wizard of Oz” at the age of nine. Her picture is still being sold in stores and was used on the show “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

    It’s clear that she’s a natural in the entertainment business as an actor and writer.


    Fran Robertson, the face of the New Zealand soda brand Höpt, has a unique look with rainbow pin-up hair, colorful tattoos, and numerous piercings and gauges. She won Miss Viva Las Vegas 2018 and Miss pinup New Zealand 2016.

    Fran’s unique appearance made her an ideal match for the soda brand’s campaign and a popular topic on Twitter.

    Seeing Themselves as Cartoons

    Jessie Juwono and her husband appeared as members of an animated crowd in the “Big Hero 6” television show. Although they didn’t show their real faces or lend their voices, it was still their moment of fame.

    The scene featuring them was well-received, especially considering Twitter user @LightPhillip’s extensive experience working on similar shows.

    Remember Me?

    A Twitter user, “Siena,” gained her one minute of fame at the 2016 Grammys as she sat next to Chrissy Teigen, whose husband, John Legend, performed an emotional song. A touching moment was captured in a gif.

    The emotional image became Siena’s claim to fame, while for Teigen, it was just another memorable night at the Grammys.

    Bragging to the Wife

    Josh Lebherz, a Twitter user, was captured giving a “stink eye” to the camera while in the front row of a World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc event. He was jokingly scolded by his wife, who noticed his intense expression between the commentators.

    His entertaining expression caught attention on social media.

    A Fan of the Franks

    Dena’s picture wearing wiener leggings for Delishop, a meat-inspired apparel brand, gained widespread attention in Philadelphia, online, and in magazines. Even Teigen recognized the image.

    Dena’s love for tasty meat snacks made her a perfect representative for the brand. Her popularity spread far and wide across the city.

    In the early 2000s, social media was not as prevalent, and boy bands ruled the music charts. Jessica Leary’s excitement for N*SYNC landed her a photo in “Teen People Magazine.” Meagan Pitcher’s father got to be an extra on the set of “Ford v Ferrari.” Jason Kester was one of the Rastafaris in “10 Things I Hate About You.” Jonathan Hogue was a hand double for Ryan Gosling in “First Man.” Brandon Schuster unintentionally symbolized marriage with Priyanka Chopra in a cultural misunderstanding. Kim Wilson’s eye appeared in the opening of a “48 Hours” series. Sam Thor worked with John Oliver and had a staged photo of an outraged waiter delivering him a knuckle sandwich. Lil Tay made it onto the cover of a magazine for her bat mitzvah. Molly Norman hid her displeasure with calamari on live television.

    Molly kept a piece of badly cooked calamari in her cheeks during a TV show with Carla Hall to avoid spitting it out in front of her.

    David Spearman’s Brush with Fame

    David Spearman, a data director, had a chance to be an extra on the TV show “Empire” and even shook hands with Terrence Howard. However, he soon moved into the corporate world.

    After his brush with fame, Spearman decided to leave the entertainment industry due to feeling tired of pretending.

    Amy’s Comic-Con Moment

    Amy had a unique experience as an intern when she got to pose between voice-acting celebrities at Comic-Con in a Boxtroll costume from “The Boxtrolls.”

    When the male model hired to pose couldn’t fit into the costume, Amy got the chance to take his place, which she seemed to be pleased about based on her tweet.

    Sondra’s Surprise Poster Appearance

    Sondra was surprised to see herself on a poster without her knowledge. She had been helping the photographer set up a shot and ended up being used as a lighting test without her consent.

    Chrissy Teigen pointed out that using Sondra’s image without her permission was not cool.

    Ahri’s Modeling Gig

    Ahri Findling, now a comedian and TV writer, started in the entertainment industry as a model for a sporting goods store after the hired model for a campaign didn’t show up.

    Despite having to wear Spanx that had to be cut off, Ahri saw the humorous side of the experience and received a twenty-five-dollar gift card as compensation.

    Alyssa’s McDonald’s Ad Campaign

    Alyssa, while working at McDonald’s, ended up being part of a national ad campaign for the fast-food chain without realizing the extent of its reach.

    After the pictures became widespread, Alyssa was compensated for her appearance despite no longer being an employee at the time.

    Jessie’s Book Cover Appearance

    Jessie Cannizzaro and her brother were on the cover of an R.L. Stine book when the hired model didn’t show up. They later got Stine to sign a few copies for them.

    Despite Stine not remembering them, they were able to get their book covers signed.

    Joshua’s Extra Role

    Joshua Hernandez appeared as an extra in “Mockingjay Part 1” and was featured in a photo alongside stars from the movie.

    Joshua shared that the photo was widely circulated leading up to the release of the film, giving him a taste of being part of a box-office hit.

    Nico’s Unexpected Photo Use

    Nico and friends took photos for a website without knowing how they would be used, only to find out later that the pictures were being used to assist in making informed decisions about alcohol.

    A user named Nico found her face plastered in hallways of universities and even above urinals in the bathroom, thanks to her friends on Snapchat. She unwittingly gained a minute of fame by appearing in different universities all over Canada.

    Unfortunate Title

    Twitter user @EnvysJustice’s official job title or at least a title that she appeared under, “Fluid Expert,” raised some eyebrows. Despite the questionable title, she was featured on a company flier while working at an auto repair shop.

    Part-Time Member of the Blue Man Group

    Sebastien gained attention for his work as blue arms in the American Airlines safety video, which caught the praise of model Chrissy Teigen. Perhaps he should explore more opportunities in the world of arm acting.

    Is This Fame, Technically?

    Twitter user Chase briefly made it onto the leaderboard of the mobile game “Doodle Jump,” which was an unexpected and random moment of recognition for him.

    Now This Is Entertainment

    Twitter user @ameliasamson shared her experience of appearing on the live-action children’s show “Zoom” in 1998, which gained her support from Chrissy Teigen despite the show’s restrictions on child actors seeking fame.

    Famous for Telling Off Trolls

    Writer and disability activist Melissa Blake gained recognition after responding to mean tweets, ultimately getting a featured story on and garnering global support.

    A Back Made for Television

    Nick James appeared in the romantic comedy-drama series “The Baker and the Beauty” as an extra whose back was visible on-screen, offering a glimpse into the world of extras and casting agencies.

    Some Claims to Fame Aren’t so Great

    Twitter user @lambpocket had a lighthearted moment when captured in the audience at the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Challenge, enjoying the experience despite not being a contestant.

    We’ll Take Her Word for It

    Twitter user @t1ffanylin claimed to have appeared on Google Streetview, though her face is blurred out as per Google’s privacy policy. Nonetheless, she confirmed her appearance by using the same image as her profile picture on Twitter.

    This isn’t exactly a moment of fame—more like a fleeting moment of fame—but it’s definitely a funny story to share with friends and family. People who know you well will be able to confirm whether it’s really you or not.

    A Unique Box Cover

    Taylor Phillips shares that he graced the cover of a hair dye box, and he seems quite content with the chosen color. The hair dye box industry is an odd one, and it takes just the right look to make it big.

    Taylor not only won the hair dye box lottery, but he also gained fame on TikTok.

    Almost a TV Star

    Twitter user Taylor Garron was part of a show that was canceled after an entire season. It’s unfortunate for Taylor considering the show had been running for over six years and was a remake of a series from 1972, which aired almost until the end of the decade.

    The renewed series had almost two hundred episodes, featuring science experiments, games, crafts, challenges, and various other segments. Taylor’s name can be found in season 7 on Wikipedia.

    A Chance Movie Moment

    Like many others on this list, Twitter user Tiffany Schulman had a role as an extra in a movie (the specific movie is unknown). However, Tiffany got lucky—her unhappy, serious expression in the scene was well-liked by the DVD case designers, earning her a spot on the back cover.

    Hopefully, it was a well-known movie (the scene makes it hard to identify), so Tiffany can boast to her friends.

    Photo Fame

    Move aside, Kim Kardashian! Nikki Minton is right behind you! Say cheese, Nikki! While Kim may be the bigger name, Nikki’s contribution to the public good is just as significant, if not more.

    Nikki was captured in a photo in “Us Weekly,” shopping right behind a surprised Kim Kardashian, who seems to have just had a bad cosmetic procedure. Not only can Nikki claim to be in a picture with the second (or third) most famous Kardashian, but she also looked better!

    Rubbing Elbows with a Star

    Twitter user Vanessa Lambe lived out a childhood dream by briefly appearing as a background “actor” in “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” She didn’t have any lines—just filling up the school hallways. At one point, she stood next to pre-wheelchair Jimmy, who is now known as Drake.

    This was before Drake became one of the most popular men globally—he was just a young actor finding his way. Regardless, it’s the perfect thing to boast about on Twitter.

    Meeting Celebrities

    Miss “@bedheadforever” spent the day talking to Tim Roth (seen on the left with purple hair) and Tupac, who was hidden behind @bedheadforever with dyed and punk hair. This snapshot was taken while filming “Gridlock’d,” a black comedy crime film, on 5/22/96.

    Not many had the chance to meet Tupac before his rise to fame and untimely death, so this Twitter user likely takes any opportunity to talk about rubbing shoulders with these famous figures.

    Still a Good Laugh

    You may not be familiar with “Just for Laughs,” but it’s a Canadian silent comedy, hidden camera, reality TV show that played harmless and hilarious pranks on unsuspecting people. Knowing all of that explains the expression on Twitter user Maxime C’s face in the left side of the image.

    According to Maxime, he was pranked around ten years ago. He claims that he still occasionally sees himself getting fooled when he turns on the TV. While it might not qualify for a full five minutes of fame, it’s still a great story.

    Relaxing with Strangers

    There’s nothing quite like gathering with your fake family for a photoshoot. That’s the experience shared by Twitter user @AliahXtine during a print ad for Bactronix Corp, a mold removal service and duct cleaning company based in Pennsylvania.

    A fake family has its advantages over a real one—less drama, fewer money arguments, and if things don’t work out, you can simply shake hands and go your separate ways.

    Memorable TV Moment

    Twitter user Robert Matthew Van
    Winkle found success as Vanilla Ice, a rapper known for his hit “Ice, Ice Baby.” He also starred in the movie “Cool as Ice.” Now, he’s working on a comeback with a show called “Vanilla Ice Flip Advice,” where he helps homeowners prepare their houses for sale. Despite filming a pilot, the show never made it to air.

    Another Twitter user recalled playing Clay Aiken, without providing much detail. The picture, however, confirmed the TV appearance. Similarly, Juliet Ames shared a perplexing experience of being on a show with Martha Stewart, where she was fed a kimchi hot dog and raw steak with kimchi using bare hands.

    Carlton Banksy’s unexpected rise to fame involved getting a vasectomy, having a photoshoot, and garnering interviews, which resulted in online backlash. Meanwhile, Twitter user @Coppertopmpls gained enduring fame from a FingerHut commercial as “Nancy.” Similarly, a person claimed to have played a character in the final episode of “Friends” as one of the twin babies.

    Another individual spent a minute of fame as a seat filler next to the cast of “High School Musical” during their Teen Choice Awards win. Meanwhile, someone found fleeting fame through their appearance in Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video, which later received infamy.

    Lastly, a cheerleading squad was featured on the show “MADE” in the early 2010s.

    A woman fell on the mat during a show, gaining fame but then getting kicked off the squad in the middle of the episode. This serves as a reminder that fame isn’t always positive. Hopefully, “Stevi,” who posted the response, has found success elsewhere.

    Hearing the Gossip

    Kyra posted a screenshot of herself on the show “Toddlers and Tiaras” with her mom and sister. She was a pageant contestant but was in her teens when the cameras found her. The picture shows the family looking upset because someone on the show had spread mean rumors about Kyra. The world of pageantry can be brutal. Although Kyra doesn’t seem to find it very destructive anymore, hurt feelings are never fun.

    Caught in the Act

    Tom Bucka sent a selfie to some friends during a college basketball game, but unfortunately, the cameras from ESPN Sportscenter were pointed right at him as he posed. The picture captured him with his hair swopped back, shirt unbuttoned, and his belly hanging out. Although he probably wasn’t thrilled this moment was caught on camera, he only has himself to blame for doing it in a public place with the intention of sharing the picture.

    An American Became the Face of Russian Resistance

    Deborah Copaken, a photojournalist based in Moscow, climbed a tank to capture the excitement of a coup that happened in Moscow in 1991. The driver of the tank didn’t appreciate it and tried to push her off. A picture of the interaction led Deborah to become the face of Russian resistance the very next day.

    Photoshopping Herself into Fame

    Brynn Shuller practiced her photoshop skills by putting herself in the places of the characters on movie posters. Some of these pictures went viral, granting Shuller her minute of fame.

    A Cop That Got Shot on a Show

    “CarolinaCHERCREW” on Twitter admitted that he played a cop that got shot by an evil spirit on the show “Sleepy Hollow.” Getting shot by an evil spirit in a bank is one of the worst ways to go, but it fits perfectly in the sixty seconds of fame that everybody else seems to be claiming here.

    The Before and the After

    Elisabeth Murdock appeared as both a before and an after photo in an infomercial for a hair curler. She wasn’t paid extra and has been spotted by friends and family who saw her face on TV.

    Getting Sloshed for Speed Dating

    Ashley o’s bartender cousin tricked her into participating in a “Hurrydate” Jewish speed date on camera for Princesses of Long Island. Most of the guys were double her age and just the worst, so she decided to have a few drinks. In the picture, she is seen drunk and smiling as she gets ready for the unsuitable suitors.

    Vibing with a WWE Legend

    Katie Cabungcal got tickets to see some of her favorite performers during a WWE show and found out she would have a front-stage spot on the runway.

    When a wrestler came out singing his entrance song, Katie Cabungcal seized the opportunity to display her showmanship, happily belting along with the tune. It was a moment full of energy and fun, and she got to appear on TV at the same time.

    Her Home Was Featured on a Book Cover

    “The Lovely Bones” is now a major motion picture with a dark story and a heartwarming ending, but it was first a book with the same title. After the motion picture came out, sales of the book spiked, so new editions featuring the actors found their way to bookstore shelves.

    The new covers were, as they always are, cobbled together with photos, but one house in the distant background stands out to the Twitter user “nelllesor,” since it is, in fact, her house. She was also near where they filmed the movie, but we’re sure she doesn’t have anything to do with the decidedly deadly events in the film. We’re sure.

    Featured in a Music Video

    Well, okay, “featured” might not be the right word for what happened to the Twitter user “jilliannewla.” She was on her way to the movies one day in Westwood (the commercial neighborhood in Los Angeles) when she happened upon the film crew for the Fatboy Slim music video “Praise You.”

    She relates that she didn’t sign a release, but she was still likely seen by thousands if not millions of people, including plenty of Twitter commenters who remember the video. Sometimes sixty seconds of fame can still be pretty powerful.

    That’s Me. No, Really.

    [WatchMojo Lady screenshot] The main kids of “Spider-Man Far From Home” were doing an interview for WatchMojo, and Tom Holland stated he loved the site and loved the top ten lists. The woman in the picture, Rebecca Brayton, revealed she was the person who does the top ten lists.

    Holland, as well as Zendaya and Jacob Batalon, ask her to do the intro for the videos “Welcome to WatchMojo.” The video got shared all over.

    Her Butt Was Famous, at the Very Least

    Giana “Gigi” Mucci was caught bending over to pick up her dog’s poop on Google Street View, and the picture stayed up for around two years.

    She is a digital media producer who is climbing the ladder. We all have to get our start somewhere.

    Have to Have Your Priorities

    Ryan Muldowney canceled a date in college to watch “Survivor.” This led to a picture of him high-fiving “Survivor” host Jeff Probst during one of the season finales.

    He had just told Probst about his turning down a date to watch his favorite show instead, and the story was worth celebrating with a high-five.

    A Memorable Event for Everybody

    Bon Wells got picked to try his hand at the games of “The Price is Right” and gave host Drew Carey a big hug.

    Doing something on the spur of the moment might make you embarrassed, but getting to hug Drew Carey? Just go and do it. Wells won a full coffee set as a bonus.

    Working on His Acting Skills

    Rahul Kohli had a little spot on a mango juice commercial and was asked to do his best Jamaican accent on the spot, even though they told him that his accent wouldn’t make it into the final cut. They did, of course.

    Why they would ask him to do it if they weren’t going to use it is a mystery, but he was just getting his start at the time.

    She Really Does Nail It

    Taking a quick vid and posting it on Youtube or TikTok is what a lot of kids think will get them famous, and every once in a while, it works. Even if for some,
    “`The photo of Erin McMillen wasn’t planned. A nine-second video shows Erin singing a song and hitting the high note at the end, which went “sorta viral.” Erin is still embarrassed about it.

    Getting a small part on a widely-seen show is a common way to gain quick fame. For example, C.J. Tuor appeared as a casino croupier in the show “Empire.” He’s the one with the biggest hands, or at least that’s what he tells us.

    Appearing on a show that runs for many seasons often results in bit characters with little fame. Twitter user “properjosh” appeared on an episode of “Malcolm in the Middle” as a Circus Burger drive-through attendant, and he’s excited to show off to his friends.

    Sarah Wainschel was in the background of an “Access Hollywood” interview with a famous couple, possibly from “The Bachelor,” as indicated by the guy’s face. According to Sarah, the couple broke up the day after the interview, and she was there watching it unfold.

    Twitter user “rozzheeg” got her claim to fame as a “British child” in several History channel documentaries. She had only one line that wasn’t cut out, but she did well when the cameras were on her.

    A Twitter user named “LittleMissLizz” appeared in a direct-to-DVD zombie movie as “Dancing Girl 1.” Despite the movie being difficult to find and her role not being noteworthy, she assured everyone that it was not related to “adult entertainment.”

    Twitter user “JordynLynn” was caught on “Shark Tank” eating a donut from a very unflattering angle. It’s unclear if her product or service had anything to do with donuts, but it was an entertaining moment for her friends.

    Ja’mie Queen West got her sixty seconds of fame by camping outside in the winter in Canada for multiple days for a Lady Gaga concert. Her bit of adventure was made known thanks to the Torstar News Service.

    There are a lot of extras on the show “Nashville” due to its theme of country music hopefuls. Jandra Sutton made a brief appearance on the show “Nashville” as an extra. In one scene at the Bluebird, fans of the show asked her to take a picture with them, and she graciously obliged. Although she may not be an A-list celebrity, it was still an enjoyable experience to share with new friends.

    Another individual, Emily Lierle, found herself featured on U-Haul vans. Her photo was included in the design of one of the colorful and diverse U-Haul vehicles, giving her a bit more than just sixty seconds of fame.

    Chanelle Berlin, a social director for “Entertainment Weekly,” proudly mentioned her appearance on an episode of the original “Lizzie McGuire” as her claim to fame. While her role may have been small, she shared the spotlight with many other extras on the show.

    Adam Mansfield became known for dressing up as a sundae on an episode of “Man Vs. Food.” Twitter user AdamJmansfield proudly claimed this unique experience as his moment in the spotlight.

    Elliot, also known as “thatdisneykid95” on Twitter, created a memorable moment at Disneyland when he tried to bite Donald Duck’s bill while wearing a Daisy Duck hat. The photo of this amusing encounter won him free tickets in a contest and was featured on television.

    In 1998, during the revival of the Broadway show “Cabaret,” Summer became an audience member in the commercial for the production. She humorously pointed out her spot in the ad, expressing her unique claim to fame.

    Lastly, Rachel Hamburger proudly displayed her love for Shake Shack by getting a tattoo of the restaurant’s logo on her ribs. Her dedication to the fast food joint captured the attention of Shake Shack, leading to an Instagram feature and some goodies from the store.

    It’s evident that each individual’s brief moment in the spotlight has left a lasting impression, proving that fame comes in all shapes and sizes.

    Image Source: Yalcin Sonat @ShutterStock

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