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Pepsi Develops Cola-Infused Pepperoni

It’s a well-documented fact that, among most major commercial soft drinks, one of the best choices for a companion to pizza is regular Pepsi. Pepsi’s particular sweetness and acidity pairs notoriously well with the salty greasiness of a New York-style slice of pizza. If you’re a particularly big fan of both Pepsi and pizza, then Pepsi’s latest culinary Frankenstein may be of interest to you.

Through a partnership with the Culinary Institute of America, Pepsi Cola has developed the world’s first cola-infused pepperoni, specifically for use as a pizza topping. Rather than the water that usually goes into the preparation of pepperoni, this so-called “Pepsi-Roni” instead uses a reduction crafted from Pepsi Zero Sugar. According to a Pepsi press release sent to The Takeout, this combination results in pepperoni that is “infused with the (sic) rich caramel notes and brown spices with the citrusy pop of Pepsi cola.”

“The concept is quite simple. Pepperoni brings a smokey spiciness and the Pepsi adds a citrusy sweetness,” explains David Kamen, director of client experience for CIA Consulting. “It’s an intriguing combination we think pizza fans will be excited to try.”

While unusual to think about, the use of cola in the preparation of meat dishes is actually a fairly old practice, with beverages like Coke or Dr. Pepper used in the creation of meals like brisket or pulled pork. If you want to try the Pepsi-Roni for yourself, though, you’d better move fast, because it’ll only be available today at the Made in New York Pizza in the West Village of Manhattan. Who knows, maybe if it sells well (and it probably will) Pepsi might deploy their cola-powered-pepperoni elsewhere.

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