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Pepsi Introduces Cola-Infused Pepperoni for Pizzas

It is a widely known fact that when it comes to pairing a commercial soft drink with pizza, regular Pepsi is one of the top choices. The unique sweetness and acidity of Pepsi complement the salty and greasy flavors of a classic New York-style pizza slice perfectly. For those who are enthusiasts of both Pepsi and pizza, Pepsi’s latest culinary creation is something to look out for.

In collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America, Pepsi Cola has innovated the world’s first cola-infused pepperoni designed specifically as a pizza topping. Instead of the typical water used in making pepperoni, this new creation called “Pepsi-Roni” utilizes a reduction made from Pepsi Zero Sugar. According to a press release from Pepsi shared with The Takeout, this innovative combination results in pepperoni infused with rich caramel notes, brown spices, and the citrusy essence of Pepsi cola.

“The idea is straightforward. While pepperoni adds a smoky spiciness, Pepsi brings a citrusy sweetness,” explains David Kamen, the director of client experience for CIA Consulting. “We believe it’s a fascinating combination that pizza enthusiasts will be eager to taste.”

Although it may seem unconventional, using cola in meat dishes is a longstanding tradition, with beverages like Coke or Dr. Pepper being used in the preparation of dishes such as brisket or pulled pork. If you’re eager to taste the Pepsi-Roni, hurry as it will only be available today at the Made in New York Pizza in the West Village of Manhattan. Who knows, if it proves to be popular (which is likely), Pepsi might introduce their cola-infused pepperoni elsewhere.

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