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Pepsi Introduces Starry as Replacement for Sierra Mist

Say Goodbye to Sierra Mist, Say Hello to Starry

For years, Coca-Cola’s Sprite has been the leader in the lemon-lime soda market. Pepsi has long attempted to challenge Sprite with Sierra Mist but has struggled to capture a significant market share. Now, in a strategic move to compete with Coca-Cola, Pepsi is phasing out Sierra Mist and introducing a new soda.

Pepsi recently announced the retirement of Sierra Mist and the launch of Starry, a fresh caffeine-free lemon-lime soda available in regular and sugar-free options. Starry has already started appearing on shelves in stores across the U.S.

According to a Pepsi spokesperson speaking to CNN, Starry boasts a flavor profile with “enhanced citrus notes that stay true to the fruit and are more aromatic” compared to Sprite or Sierra Mist. This unique flavor profile has inspired the tagline for Starry targeted at Gen Z consumers: “Starry Hits Different.”

“The design of Starry aligns more with the Gen Z aesthetic, characterized by its vibrant, fun, and Instagrammable appearance compared to Pepsi’s other products,” mentioned Neil Saunders, a retail director at GlobalData, in an interview with CNN.

“Starry is entering a market segment dominated by Coca-Cola while being a new addition to an already saturated carbonated soft drink category,” stated Billy Roberts, a senior analyst specializing in food and beverages at Mintel. “However, this could work to its advantage by offering something fresh in a market where younger consumers are inclined to explore new flavors and products.”

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