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PepsiCo and Beyond Meat Creating Plant-Based Jerky

Credit: Unsplash

Last year, PepsiCo and Beyond Meat teamed up to form the PLANeT Partnership, a tag-team company with the intent of creating a new menu of plant-based snacks and drinks. From a business perspective, this was a mutually beneficial agreement; PepsiCo gets to stick its foot into the burgeoning plant-based food sector, while Beyond Meat, still a relatively young company, gets access to PepsiCo’s considerable resources.

Yesterday, a Bloomberg report picked up on what may be the PLANeT Partnership’s first proper offering: a bag of entirely plant-based jerky. According to the report, a YouTuber named Amber Criste obtained a sample bag of the snack from a small grocer nearby, and found its taste quite pleasant. According to the front of the bag, this jerky is 100% plant-based, with no soy, GMOs, or gluten, and a features a plant protein content of 10 grams. Neither PepsiCo nor Beyond Meat have commented on this video or Bloomberg’s report at time of writing.

Of course, since the plant-based market has become so competitive, they won’t be the first ones to take a swing at jerky. Companies like Conagra Brands already have their own plant-based jerky out on the market, though the distinctive factor between Conagra’s jerky and Beyond’s jerky is that Conagra’s is made primarily of wheat and soy.

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