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Phillip Schofield Believes His TV Career is Finished

Phillip Schofield, the former host of This Morning, has announced that his television career is likely at an end after admitting to an affair with a younger man. The 61-year-old stepped down from ITV recently after confessing to his “biggest sorry secret,” describing the relationship as “unwise but not illegal.” In his first interview since leaving the network, Schofield expressed regret, saying, “I have brought myself down. I am finished. I now have to refer to television in the past tense, which is heartbreaking.”

Schofield highlighted the vital support he received from his daughters, revealing that he may not have been able to handle the situation without their steadfast backing. “They have protected me and refuse to let me out of their sight,” he noted. Despite finding the interview distressing, Schofield felt compelled to speak out because an innocent person, his former partner, had been unfairly implicated. He pleaded, “I just have to say, ‘stop with him. Okay with me. But stop with him, leave him alone now.'”

The ex-presenter referred to his former partner, whom he met when the man was just 15 years old and in drama school. Schofield clarified that their initial interaction on Twitter was innocent, as the boy was a fan. He vehemently denied flirting with the boy and stated that there was minimal contact until the man started working at ITV at age 20 or 21, at which point their affair began. Schofield admitted his serious mistake, taking full responsibility for the situation and recognizing his lack of better judgment.

Regarding the impact on his mental well-being, Schofield spoke about the devastating consequences of ongoing negative media coverage and online speculation. He disclosed, “If you don’t think that will have the most catastrophic effect on someone’s mind, what do you – do you want me to die? Because that’s where I am. I have lost everything.”

When asked about the failure of an internal ITV investigation to uncover the affair, Schofield acknowledged the possibility that both parties involved had lied. Nevertheless, he expressed readiness to cooperate with an external review of the facts led by a barrister. Addressing doubts about his credibility, Schofield stated that only his friends and family needed to believe him.

In conclusion, Schofield extended his apologies to those he deceived, especially his former partner. He expressed deep regret and pledged never to forgive himself. As he faces the repercussions, his future in television appears uncertain, leaving him with feelings of sadness and remorse.

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