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Phnom Penh Is The Must Explore Destination In Southeast Asia

Image Source: Dmitry Rukhlenko / Shutterstock

Phnom Penh is a rapidly growing city with tall buildings, top-notch restaurants, and one of the fastest-growing major airports in the world. The city is leaving its past behind and embracing the future with hope. It is a hub of innovation, from unique dancers to local brewers and emerging artists.

Where to Eat in Phnom Penh?

Although Cambodia is situated between the culinary powerhouses of Thailand and Vietnam, Phnom Penh has a surprising gastronomic scene that often exceeds visitors’ expectations. Nesat Seafood House offers incredible soft-shell crabs and oysters from the southern shore. Malis is the ultimate spot for Khmer fine dining, and Vibe Café is a must-visit for the emerging vegan scene in the city.

Local Drinks

As the city’s nightlife develops, new establishments are serving specialty drinks with unique designs (and sometimes high prices). Bassac Lane, located off St 308, is at the heart of the fashionable bohemian scene, with many small pubs to explore. Samai, a key ingredient in many drinks, can be found just a five-minute walk away.

Don’t miss the local infusions like Kampot Pepper Rum at the tasting events held every Thursday evening. Sundown Social Club is a unique rooftop pub offering bird’s-eye views of the Russian Market, and Riel Brewing is one of the many new craft brewers in the Russian Market district. Himawari and Cerevisiae are also worth checking out.

Places to Stay

Phnom Penh offers great value for money when it comes to accommodation, with a wide variety of hostels, guesthouses, and luxurious resorts to choose from. SLA, a boutique hostel near the National Museum, is a popular choice for couples seeking a quiet and peaceful stay. Manor House is a fantastic option for those looking for a more upscale experience with amenities like a pool and a bar. If you’re looking for a luxurious boutique hotel, the MAADS hotel company has some of the best options in Southeast Asia. Penh House, located near the Royal Palace, is their newest property, but Pavilion remains the top choice. This elegant adults-only resort resembles a beautiful French villa, with two turquoise swimming pools and private plunge pools.

Image Source: Dmitry Rukhlenko / Shutterstock

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