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    Potential Slip of a Fifth Season for Emily in Paris Surfaces

    Before the anticipated release of the show’s fourth season, hints of a season five for Emily in Paris may have been unintentionally dropped.

    Fans are eagerly awaiting the late summer premiere of Emily in Paris‘ next season, while whispers of a subsequent fifth season have inadvertently begun to circulate. Caution is advised as this is not yet confirmed.

    A charity auction at the amfAR Gala, part of the Cannes Film Festival, saw Winnie Harlow and Paris Jackson promoting a featured walk-on role for a yet-to-be-confirmed season five of the beloved Netflix series, suggesting production could kick off in mid-2025.

    Reported by Variety, the highest bidder pledged €250,000 for both the cameo and an invitation to be at the Los Angeles premiere of season four accompanied by a guest.

    Curiously, the term ‘contingent’ was missing from the original auction pamphlet, leading to the impression that a fifth season is firmly on the horizon.

    Starring Lily Collins, Emily in Paris will unveil its fourth season split into two releases: the initial on August 15 and the latter on September 12 of the same year.

    Notable scenes for the upcoming episodes were shot in Italy, although the details of the story’s Italian escapade are yet to be revealed.

    The unfolding story will be significant, especially considering the pivotal moment from the season four finale where Camille (portrayed by Camille Razat) discloses her pregnancy with the child of Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo), disrupting Emily’s growing feelings for Gabriel.

    Furthermore, Emily’s romantic interest Alfie (played by Lucien Laviwscount), who works at Maison Lavaux, is expected to return. Despite this, signals indicate that Emily’s heart may be entangled elsewhere.

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