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Rihanna’s Savage Maternity Style

Rihanna’s bold and stylish signature fashion sense while proudly bearing her baby bump.

Rihanna has proven yet again that she’s a total savage with her latest pregnancy photos. The singer, who is expecting her second child with A$AP Rocky, recently bared her baby bump in a photo shoot celebrating the fifth anniversary of her Savage X Fenty brand. In true Rihanna fashion, she wore only a black bralette, boxers, and peep-toe heels while throwing paper around an office. Her caption on Instagram, “It’s giving…call HR!!” adds to the boldness of the photos.

Rihanna has been pushing the boundaries of maternity style, and during her 2023 Super Bowl performance, she confirmed her pregnancy by showing off her growing belly in an all-red jumpsuit. She’s since made a splash at the Oscars and the Met Gala, wearing daring and extravagant gowns that showcase her baby bump. Even during her previous pregnancy with her 11-month-old son, RZA Athelston Mayers, Rihanna refused to compromise her signature style, stating that she was not going to shop in the maternity aisle.

However, as Rihanna noted in a recent interview with British Vogue, dressing for postpartum is more about comfort than style. She admitted to wearing sweats and hoodies during her first week home from the hospital and noted that the clothes were either too small or too big. Despite this, Rihanna remains committed to her unique sense of style and is not going to let pregnancy or motherhood affect her love of fashion.

Rihanna has always been known for her bold and fearless attitude, and these latest pregnancy photos prove that she is still a true savage. She’s unapologetically confident and is not afraid to show off her baby bump in daring and unique outfits. Fans can only wait and see what she’ll wear next as she continues her pregnancy journey with style and grace.

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