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Robert De Niro: From Hollywood to Parenthood – Welcomes 7th Child at 79

 Robert De Niro Welcomes 7th Child: A Look at His Growing Family

At the age of 79, Robert De Niro has proven that he is not slowing down when it comes to expanding his family. The Oscar-winning actor has welcomed his seventh child into the world, a feat that many would consider challenging but one that De Niro seems to have taken in stride. De Niro confirmed the news to Entertainment Tonight Canada, stating simply, “I just had a baby,” and revealing that he now has a total of seven children.

Despite the confirmation of the baby’s arrival, De Niro’s representatives have remained tight-lipped about the identity of the child’s mother. However, given that De Niro has had children with multiple partners in the past, it is not surprising that this information has been kept private.

De Niro’s children now span a wide range of ages, with his oldest children, Drena and Raphael, both in their 50s. Drena, who is Abbott’s daughter, was adopted by De Niro, and Raphael is his biological son with Abbott. De Niro also has twin sons, Aaron and Julian, who are 27 years old and were born to Toukie Smith. Elliot, who is now 25, and Helen, who is 11, were born to De Niro during his marriage to Grace Hightower. The couple filed for divorce in 2018 after more than two decades together.

In addition to his newest arrival, De Niro is also a proud grandfather to four grandchildren, with his eldest grandchild now 19 years old. It is clear that family is incredibly important to De Niro, and despite his busy career as an actor, he has always made time for his children and grandchildren.

While some may be surprised by De Niro’s decision to have a seventh child at the age of 79, it is clear that he is up for the challenge. With a career spanning several decades and a personal life that has seen its fair share of ups and downs, De Niro continues to be an icon in the entertainment industry and a family man.

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