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Ryan Reynolds Shares His Experience of Being Mistaken for Ben Affleck

Credit: Unsplash

Throughout the 21st century, many leading male Hollywood actors have shared certain resemblances. They tend to have average height, short haircuts, and generally good-looking features whether clean-shaven or with stubble. If you’re not an avid screen-watcher, distinguishing between them can be quite challenging. For example, a pizza joint in New York struggles to differentiate between Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck.

Ryan Reynolds, the charismatic star of Deadpool, recently joined the “Dear Hank and John” podcast where he discussed the numerous times he’s been mistaken for other actors. It turns out, there have been quite a few mix-ups.

Reynolds revealed, “There’s a pizza place in the East Village in New York that I’ve been going to for years. They are under the impression that I’m Ben Affleck, and I’ve never bothered to correct them. I think it’d create an awkward situation if I did.”

“I just go about my business as usual,” Reynolds continued. “They are convinced I’m Ben Affleck and sometimes ask me how J.Lo is doing, to which I respond with a simple ‘great, thanks.’ I grab my pizza and leave.”

Aside from being mistaken for Ben Affleck, Reynolds is often confused with another famous Ryan – Ryan Gosling. Reflecting on his past online antics, Reynolds shared, “In the past, I used to be more carefree on Twitter. Nowadays, I’m a bit more cautious.” He recounted a joke he made online to identify the two of them: “I quipped, ‘Well, telling us apart is simple. Ryan Gosling has blond hair, and Ryan Reynolds is a [expletive].'”

When asked if he could have taken on Gosling’s role in “The Notebook,” Reynolds humorously responded, “That would have been a disaster. It would have been even worse. Trust me, it would have been unwatchable.”

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