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Sea Spiders May Actually Survive The Warming Oceans

Image Source: Simon Brockington@ Shutterstock

Sea spiders are small creatures found in waters all over the world, but in the icy waters around the Earth’s poles, they can grow to be quite large. These giant sea spiders have adapted to survive in freezing temperatures, a phenomenon known as polar gigantism.

Scientists have been studying how these creatures will cope as their environment continues to warm due to climate change. They carried out experiments on giant sea spiders from Antarctic waters, testing their ability to tolerate rising temperatures and declining oxygen levels. The study found that the spiders’ large bodies and unique skin structure allow them to thrive in cold waters, and also adapt to warmer conditions.

Despite initial concerns that these giant sea spiders would struggle to survive in warmer waters, the study suggests that they may actually be able to adapt and continue to thrive as their habitat warms up.

The sea spiders have a unique way of obtaining oxygen through their shell-like skin, rather than using lungs or gills. Their ability to survive and grow larger in cold waters is due to the high density of oxygen available and their lower metabolism rate in these conditions.

Further research is being conducted to understand how these creatures may respond to long-term warming trends and to determine their ability to adapt to changing conditions. Scientists are keen to learn more about these unusual creatures and their ability to thrive in different environments, as they could hold important insights for the future.

Image Source: Simon Brockington@ Shutterstock

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