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    Some Amazing Chemistry Facts That Will Leave You Amazed

    Image Source: Linaimages / Shutterstock

    The world of chemistry is complex yet incredibly fascinating. There is a significant and often chemical reason behind the way things are, from everyday items to those found only in a laboratory.

    1. Firework Colors

    Firework colors are a result of mixing various salts and metals. Lithium salts produce red firecrackers, iron produces yellow, and magnesium produces white ones.

    2. Asparagus Smell

    Only 25% of people can smell asparagus in their urine. The digestive system separates mercaptan from the asparagus, causing that distinct smell.

    3. Water Density

    Water is 10% denser than ice, which explains why ice floats in water.

    4. Transmutation

    Lead can theoretically be transformed into gold by changing its atomic number, an achievement that would require a profound understanding of physics.

    5. Wasp and Bee Venom

    Enzymes in the venom of wasps and bees break down our cells, which explains why their stings are so painful.

    6. Diamond Burning

    Diamonds can only be burned at 1,000 degrees Celsius or higher, as they do not evaporate at atmospheric temperatures but can oxidize and vaporize at very high temperatures.

    7. Atomic Void Space

    An atom is almost 100% pure void space, with 99% of it being empty, indicating that matter is also mostly empty.

    8. Water Atoms and Sand Grains

    There are 4000 times more water atoms in a bucket full of water than there are grains of sand in the world.

    9. Chess Moves vs. Atoms in the Universe

    In a single game of chess, there are more possible moves than there are atoms in the universe.

    10. Talc Softness

    Talc is the softest material found on the planet, as it is a mineral of hydrated magnesium silicate.

    11. Metallic Smell

    The metallic smell of coins and many other metals is caused by the production of Oct-1-en-3-one when certain metals are in contact with skin oil, which then disintegrates.

    Image Source: Linaimages / Shutterstock

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