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Some Computer Shortcuts Which Everyone Should Know

Image Source: Jasni / Shutterstock

Keyboard shortcuts are a convenient way to save time when using a computer. However, not everyone is familiar with them or able to remember all the different shortcuts. This article aims to provide a list of essential shortcuts that everyone should know, regardless of age or computer literacy.

Covering The Basics

One of the most basic shortcuts that everyone should know is “CTRL + C” to copy selected content. To paste the copied content, use “CTRL + V”. If you want to cut and move text instead of just copying it, use “CTRL + X” (don’t forget to use “CTRL + V” to paste!). If you tend to forget shortcuts, try to create a mental connection between keys. For example, on the standard QWERTY keyboard, the “X” key is located next to the “C” key. Whenever you see one key, try to remember the other. Another useful shortcut is “CTRL + Z” to undo the last command or action you performed. It can be quite handy, wouldn’t it be great if there was an undo button in real life?

Such A Drag

Highlighting specific words in a paragraph can sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you try to use the mouse. To make this process smoother, start by selecting the first word you want to copy. Then, use the “SHIFT + ARROW” command to move in the direction of the word flow. If you want to copy words to the right of the highlighted word, press “SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW”. If you prefer not to use the mouse at all, you can navigate to the first word using the arrow keys before executing the command. Just make sure the insertion point (the vertical flashing line) is on the left side of the word you want to highlight.

Hide And Seek

Have you ever spent a long time searching for a specific phrase in a document but couldn’t find it? The answer lies in the “CTRL + F” command. This shortcut is relatively easy to remember because you can think of it as “CTRL + FIND”.

Oops… I Did It Again

If you accidentally closed a tab in your web browser when you meant to open a new one, don’t worry. You don’t need to dig through your browsing history to find it again. Simply use the “CTRL + SHIFT + T” command to reopen your recently closed tab. Shortcuts are the name of the game when it comes to efficient computer usage. Once you become familiar with these basic shortcuts, you’ll find that your workflow becomes much smoother and effortless.

Image Source: Jasni / Shutterstock

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