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South Korean Engineer Creates Memorial for Internet Explorer

Last week, Microsoft announced that it was retiring Internet Explorer to focus on its Edge browser. Internet Explorer, once a dominant web browser globally, continued to have widespread use, especially outside the United States. In acknowledgment of this, a South Korean engineer decided to commemorate the browser in a unique way.

Jung Ki-young, a software engineer, spent 430,000 won (about $330 USD) to create a ceremonial headstone dedicated to Internet Explorer. The headstone was placed on the roof of his brother’s cafe in Gyeongju and features the browser’s logo, years of activity, and an epitaph in English: “He was a good tool to download other browsers.”

For Jung, Internet Explorer was both a familiar presence in his work and a source of frustration. As Internet Explorer remained South Korea’s default browser for an extended period compared to the West, Jung often faced challenges from clients requesting compatibility with it, which was time-consuming due to its inefficiencies.

Reflecting on his relationship with Internet Explorer, Jung told Reuters, “It was a pain, but I would call it a love-hate relationship because Explorer once dominated an era.”

After Jung shared the headstone online, it garnered attention, with many expressing similar mixed feelings of nostalgia and exasperation.

“That’s another reason for me to thank Explorer; it has now allowed me to make a world-class joke,” Jung remarked. “I regret its departure but won’t miss it. So its retirement, to me, is a fitting end.”

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