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Spotify Cancels Production of Car Thing

Spotify has announced that it will no longer be producing its Car Thing, a car-mounted device that allowed users to sync their Spotify app with their vehicle and easily change songs. The device, which was released in February after months of anticipation, has not gained the popularity that was expected.

During Spotify’s quarterly earnings announcement, it was revealed that production of Car Thing units would be halted. While the device is still available for purchase on Spotify’s website, it has been marked down to half of its original price. Once the remaining units are sold, it is likely that Spotify will remove the device from its site.

According to a Spotify spokesperson, the purpose of Car Thing was to gain a better understanding of in-car listening and to provide audio options for a wider range of users and vehicles. However, due to various factors such as low demand and supply chain issues, Spotify has made the decision to discontinue production of Car Thing units. Existing devices will still function as intended. Spotify believes that this initiative has provided valuable insights and wants to continue focusing on the car as an important place for audio.

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