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Start a Party Anywhere, Anytime with Jel Shots

Jello shots are, at least in my humble opinion, one of the greatest creations of the time-honored field of party science. Everyone loves Jello, after all, and if you can make it even more appealing to the party crowd by adding a shot of your favorite booze, then all the better! That being said, the process that goes into creating Jello shots is a major hassle, to say the absolute minimum. When you don’t have the space, time, or expertise to create a massive batch of Jello shots from scratch, what are you supposed to do? Simple: scrap an “l” and the “o” from “Jello.”

Jel Shots are the world’s first prepackaged cocktail candy. No more stirring boiling pots of water for hours on end to make stuff from scratch, these 15% ABV warriors are ready to knock your socks off right out of the packaging. Just pull the tab, give ’em a little squeeze, and you’ve got a cupful of bouncy, fruity delight.

Credit: Jel Shot

The creator of Jel Shots and owner of Original Jel Shot Co., Ashley Zalkin, had a similar train of thought to my own when she first created this awesome snack. “One day, when I was particularly exhausted and sticky after creating a batch of 400+ shots, my best friend called begging for an “emergency” batch for her last-minute party,” she explains on the brand’s official About page. “This is when it hit me… why don’t pre-made Shots exist? Why can’t we easily pick them up from a local liquor store? Lo and behold, I became determined to create the most amazing pre-made Shot ever. BAM! The Original Jel Shot was born!”

Jel Shots aren’t just prepackaged Jello Shots, however; they’re the next level. Jel Shots are 100% vegan and gluten free (which is impressive, since you’d think non-vegan gelatin would be a requirement). They don’t even need to be refrigerated; you can just leave ’em out on the party snack table all night, though a little chill certainly wouldn’t go amiss in the flavor department. Speaking of flavors, Jel Shots come in lots of tasty flavors, including Peach Bum, Candymelon, Blue Razz, and more. Oh, and if you’re worried about all that sweetness attracting bugs, don’t be; every Jel Shot is super safety sealed to prevent any and all outside contamination.

Credit: Jel Shot

As a company, Original Jel Shot Co. is a major up-and-comer, even securing the partnership of Shark Tank‘s own Kevin Harrington. Check out their website to learn more about them, their flavors, and where to buy Jel Shots, as well as their Instagram for all the latest updates.

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