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    The Human Body Exertion Like You’ve Never Seen Before

    Image Source: PKpix / Shutterstock

    Indoor cycling doesn’t get as much attention as the known outdoor cycling, like the Tour de France tournament watched and followed by millions worldwide. A few facts about this sports event:

    These bikes don’t have breaks (apparently, it is safer.) In comparison to road bikes, they are heavier, making them stick to the tracks. Last but not least, the cyclists ride so fast, faster than the speed of light, making it impossible for the commentator to know who has taken over or has won the race.

    No Pain No Gain

    Lifting weights is a dangerous sport. If it’s not done correctly, you can cause serious injury that might leave its mark for life. It is crystal clear that this guy is in agony; however, one thing still makes us question the incident.

    What exactly happened there that made his arm twist like an exaggeration of the queen doing her royal wave?

    Brainy Thighs

    If you thought the brain’s center of the human body was within the boundaries of your skull, you are in for a shocking surprise. You won’t believe this, but apparently, the central organ of the human body is comfortably set in no other than the human calf.

    So, next time you say something not very bright, or if you forget where you have placed something and someone remarks – “have you lost your mind?” you can confidently answer- no. I haven’t. It s where it’s always been, on my calf.

    Confused Are We?

    Every little boy wants to be a Judoka. A single-man kind of sports, where you don’t depend on an entire team, and you have only yourself to rely on. If you win, you take all the glory and if you lose, you carry alone all the shame.

    You can feel the pride and joy of this judoka, almost confusing the gymnastics hall to the judo competition one. Nothing beats a good judo competition with a back summersault for the grand finale.

    Not All Legs Are Meant for Walking

    There is nothing like a fit body, with long strong muscles. In this image, you can clearly see the amazing physics of this lady, and we are sure that many years of exercise and a good diet were invested here.

    The investment must have been worth it, as by holding this position, she will save on buying a coffee table, bookshelf, an extreme something for the kids to play on, and shoes.

    Sweet Potatoes

    Athletes all over the world work really hard and treat their bodies as sacred. They must feed and nourish their temple so it does not betray them when they rely on it the most.

    But sticking a gigantic routed sweet potato up your thigh is not really considered nourishing, now is it?

    A Cup For You and a Cup For Me

    Cupping therapy is an ancient alternative medicine, very popular amongst athletes. It helps to ease pain, muscle inflammation, blood issues, and relaxation. What an amazing body we have. A few glasses stuck on the back, and the pain is gone.

    Very often we see swimmers appear for a competition with a decoration of cupping therapy marks all over their bodies, making it much easier for the sports broadcaster to recognize the right swimmer in the right lane. Funny enough, we thought those circles were another invention, to make swimmers swim faster.

    Take it Easy

    Injuries are the dark side of competitive sports. Some things are beyond our control, and when the body betrays us, there is not much one can do.

    We think two elastic ankle braces are plenty for taking it easy for a while (however this athlete is performing tremendously despite the braces).

    Easy Rider

    What happens the day after? what happens when you reach that peak and realize that the days of being a professional bike rider are over? Have a look at this photo. Can you spot the ten differences between them? (besides the tan line)

    It looks as if this bike rider has mapped out the Tour de France route on his legs, by using his veins. He will surely always be connected to his professional past.

    The Almighty Seven Field

    Sacred only for women, the seven fields cover amongst others the hurdles which, for us, seems to be one of the hardest events. The abilities the

    No Pain, No Gain: The Human Body Like You’ve Never Seen Before

    Some physical feats that the human body must endure are preserved only for the true superwoman. For the best of them all.

    We hope this athlete doesn’t stay in this position and decide to continue to other events in the competition, as we feel it might be a bit difficult taking part in the 100m sprint with one leg stuck in the air.

    Fred and Ginger

    Since they were five years old, these two have been dancing. Starting with classic ballet lessons, moving on to jazz and hip hop, and joining the tap and Irish companies in their teens.

    Now that they have reached their twenties, the most beautiful years of their life, they have been accepted to the “Strenchitbaby” corps de ballet. And yes, this is how they have to remain all the time.

    The Boxer

    Boxing is no joke. One of the most violent sports around, however big names and grand idols have grown out of this world. Mohamed Ali for example is one of the greatest sportsmen of the 20th century.

    The odd thing is, we knew boxers develop very strong arm and leg muscles, they developed extra strong abdominals and are extremely fit. What we didn’t know and came as a surprise, is that apparently, the brain develops tremendously, and becomes an essential part of this sport. So, there is more to boxers than what the eye can see.

    Balance it Out

    Although walking on a rope is not an official sport, the physical abilities and the balance required to perform well turns this into a sport as far as we are concerned.

    Pay attention to the glove the performer has on. This is to avoid fingerprints on the wallets being picked from the crowd. Rope walking is one of the best escape methods for professional thieves.

    Image Source: PKpix / Shutterstock

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