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Why The Island Of Malta Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Image Source: Georgios Tsichlis / Shutterstock

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and Italy, sits the island of Malta, a place that remains practically free of tourists. Despite its historical significance and attractions like good food, diving, and a thriving opera scene, it has managed to stay relatively unexplored by travelers. With all this wrapped up in an island package, it’s hard to resist a trip to Malta.

7,000 years of history

The island has a mysterious history, with known and unknown parts that continue to captivate visitors. The first people arrived around 5900 B.C., and the knights of St. John fought battles here. Malta is home to one of the world’s oldest surviving buildings and has no shortage of awe-inspiring history. Visitors can explore the Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum to see the oldest places on the island, as well as a gigantic underground tunnel featuring fossils of Ice Age animals.

For more on Malta‘s history, a visit to Fort Saint Elmo, a star-shaped stone structure and war museum, and St. John’s Cathedral, known as one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe, offer insight into the island’s rich past.

Almost year-round sun

The weather in Malta is terrific, with sunny warm days balanced by sea breezes, making it perfect for exploring. The Barrakka Gardens, famous for their view from the upper garden, offer stone archways, lush scenery, and fountains. Additionally, the small island of Comino, with its breathtaking underwater caves, is a great spot for divers. For those who prefer not to dive, there are many beautiful beaches in Malta for relaxation, as well as opportunities for activities like horse riding on the Golden Bay.

Art and music scene

Aside from its historical and natural attractions, Malta is known for its arts scene. Visitors can enjoy operas, musicals, and concerts at open-air venues, the Manoel Theatre, or one of the two opera houses. The island also hosts an annual music festival with performances from famous artists. Art museums and galleries offer a blend of styles and influences, providing a deeper understanding of Malta‘s rich cultures.

Final words

This island country seems like a world of its own, and its scenic beauty and Mediterranean climate make Malta a compelling destination to visit.

Image Source: Georgios Tsichlis / Shutterstock

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