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The Outfit John Cena Wore for his Bold Entrance at the Oscars 2024

John Cena made quite the daring appearance while presenting the Best Costume Design award at the Oscars, appearing visually “nude” on stage. However, a recently revealed behind-the-scenes photo sheds light on his actual attire during the event.

For those who were curious about whether John Cena was truly naked at the Oscars, the mystery has been solved.

The 96th Academy Awards took place in Los Angeles last night (March 11), with prominent stars such as Emma Stone, Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and Da’Vine Joy Randolph all receiving prestigious awards. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the event and was joined by various actors on stage to present the awards.

One of the presenters was John Cena, who made a bold and seemingly “nude” appearance to announce the winner of the Best Costume Design category.

In a backstage image, John can be seen wearing a modesty cloth, a garment commonly used by actors during nude scenes that don’t require full exposure.

His outfit included a covering that wrapped around his lower body, completely concealing his front and back to prevent any accidental exposure to the live audience or viewers at home.

The fabric strip, similar to a loincloth, closely matched his skin tone and was securely attached to his body.

The apparent nude act was actually a homage to the infamous streaker who disrupted the 46th Academy Awards in 1974.

Half a century ago, a man named Robert Opel infiltrated the event pretending to be a journalist, streaking across the stage while actor David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor.

During the ceremony, Jimmy jokingly asked the audience, “Can you imagine a naked person running across the stage today?” John then made his “nude” entrance, carrying the Best Costume Design envelope, and carefully walking across the stage to reveal the winner.

After announcing the nominees, John reappeared on screen draped in a curtain, capturing the attention of the audience. You can watch the moment in the video below.

So, there you have it! John Cena was not actually naked at the Oscars, shedding light on modesty garments and providing insight into how actors handle “nude” scenes in films and TV shows.

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