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The Situation with Danielle Feeling Excluded from Carl and Lindsay’s Engagement on ‘Summer House’

Danielle’s emotional response to being left out of Carl and Lindsay’s engagement.

Viewers of Summer House were taken aback when Danielle Olivera, a close friend of Lindsay Hubbard, was not involved in the planning of her friend’s engagement to Carl Radke. In the seventh season of the Bravo show, Danielle and Lindsay faced challenges in their friendship. Danielle, who works in tech, expressed her reservations about the pace of Lindsay and Carl’s relationship on the show, leading Lindsay, a PR entrepreneur, to start distancing herself from Danielle.

In a recent episode, Danielle expressed her distress at not being included in such a significant moment in Lindsay’s life. When Kyle Cooke shared the news that Carl planned to propose to Lindsay, Danielle made a sarcastic remark about how “great” it was to be left out. She also voiced her disappointment at not being invited to the wedding and feeling hurt for not being informed about the engagement beforehand.

Danielle struggled to hold back her tears as she confronted her housemates, expressing her frustration at Carl’s silence. At Lindsay and Carl’s engagement party, she openly shared her dissatisfaction with a fellow guest, revealing her upset at only finding out about the engagement an hour earlier.

Lindsay later disclosed that Danielle had been speaking negatively about her at the engagement party, diverting attention from the couple. Lindsay expressed her dismay at Danielle’s behavior and declared the end of their friendship, stating that Danielle was no longer her best friend nor even a friend.

Despite Danielle claiming to be happy for Lindsay and Carl, the incident made her feel excluded and wounded. The future of their friendship remains uncertain, raising questions about whether they will reconcile or if this marks the definitive end of their relationship. One thing is certain: being left out of the engagement party left Danielle feeling alone and injured, and the path to moving past this event is unclear.

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