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The Story of Taylor Swift’s Song ‘loml’

The mystery surrounding Taylor Swift’s song ‘loml’ from her latest album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ has piqued fans’ curiosity. Who is the song about? Let’s explore.

Taylor Swift dropped her newest album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ on April 19th, featuring tracks like ‘Fortnight’, ‘So Long, London’, and ‘imgonnagetyouback’. Swifties are now busy deciphering every lyric to uncover its deep meaning.

One of the tracks on Taylor’s eleventh studio album is ‘loml,’ a common internet abbreviation for ‘love of my life.’

However, Taylor is known for her intricate songwriting with layers of meaning and symbolism, making her one of the most profound poets of our time.

While their relationship was mostly private, Joe was Taylor’s longest-known romantic partner, spanning over six years.

There are speculations that the song could be a breakup anthem reflecting on their shared moments and subsequent separation. Rumors suggest that the entire album may revolve around their love story, right down to its title.

The song ‘So Long, London’ from the new album hints at a connection with Taylor’s ex from London, Joe. This idea is supported by Taylor’s 2019 track ‘London Boy’ detailing their adventures in various London locations.

In 2022, Joe mentioned being part of a group chat called The Tortured Man Club, which included actors Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott.

A fan proposed an intriguing theory in a TikTok comment suggesting that ‘loml’ might symbolize Joe’s evolving communication with Taylor, starting with heartfelt messages and eventually shortening it to ‘loml’ for convenience.

After their breakup, Taylor and Joe chose to keep their relationship out of the public eye, indicating a mutual understanding. Could it be that their relationship naturally faded, as often happens in long-term commitments, encapsulated in ‘loml’?

Another speculation mentions a possible connection between ‘loml’ and Harry Styles. Even though Taylor and Harry were romantically linked from 2012 to 2013, and Harry released a song titled ‘Love of My Life’ in his 2022 album ‘Harry’s House,’ could Taylor’s song share a thematic link with Harry’s, continuing their musical dialogue?

Lastly, there’s a consideration that ‘loml’ could refer to Taylor’s current partner, Travis Kelce.

Since 2023, Taylor and Travis have been inseparable, with a source revealing to US Weekly, “Taylor has already written love songs about Travis Kelce.” The source added that these songs about Travis are being kept private for now.

Despite the line ‘loss of my life’ in the song and her enduring relationship with Travis, this idea is dismissed.

‘loml’ is about losing the ‘love of your life,’ a sentiment Taylor recalls being told by a former partner repeatedly. She sings: “Holy ghost, you told me I’m the love of your life / You said I’m the love of your life / About a million times.”

She dives into the emptiness left after their romance ends: “I felt a void like this, never before and ever since.” This could refer to her lasting love with Joe, or a brief fling with Matty Healy thereafter.

The pair briefly dated in 2014, possibly inspiring Taylor’s lyrics: “Who’s gonna halt us from gracefully returning to rekindled passions If we know the gestures anyhow We intricately wove the moments of separation Stitching, “We were just youngsters, darling” I said, “I’m unperturbed, it necessitates time.””

Alternatively, it might relate to Joe as reports suggest they had multiple breakups and reunions before ending things for good the previous year.

The song concludes with: “You’re the loss of my love,” a line that has deeply touched fans.

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