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The Weeknd Threatens Coachella Backout Over Pay

The Weeknd wants the same pay originally promised to Kanye West.

Recently, Kanye “Ye” West announced that he would not be participating in this year’s Coachella music festival, scheduled to run later this month. As Ye was one of the festival headliners, the organizers were in need of another big name to fill his spot. Earlier this week, they announced that this big name would be rapper The Weeknd, who would be taking Ye’s slot on April 17. However, this changeover has caused some friction between the two parties, which could result in the deal falling apart.

Ye was originally scheduled to play at Coachella for an $8 million price tag, plus an additional $500,000 on top. According to a Page Six report, the event organizers were planning on paying The Weeknd substantially less, keeping the rest of the money.

“The Weeknd came in at short notice to take Kanye’s top spot. But Phil Anschutz [who owns the Coachella Festival through AEG Live] wanted to hold on to Kanye’s money and pay The Weeknd far less, just a few million. The festival would pocket the rest,” a source told Page Six.

This caused a disagreement with The Weeknd, who demanded that he be paid the same rate that Ye would’ve received, or else he would back out of the show.

“Even after Coachella announced the new lineup on Wednesday, a deal wasn’t in place for The Weeknd, who threatened to pull out at an hour’s notice if he didn’t get the same deal as Kanye,” the source explained.

“Finally, on Wednesday — faced with the prospect of a second headline act pulling out of Coachella at the last minute — Anschutz’s company caved and agreed to pay The Weeknd the same money.”

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