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These 8 Tips Will Make You Look More Professional at Work

Image Source: Gorodenkoff @ShutterStock

Do you ever feel overshadowed by the professionalism of your colleagues, like being a beginner among corporate leaders? Do your officemates question your abilities, making you feel inexperienced among veterans? If you want to change people’s perception of you, follow these simple tips to show the professional you can be.

Wear Glasses

Not needing eyeglasses is fortunate. However, wearing glasses has tactical benefits beyond correcting poor eyesight. If you appear too young without them, this accessory makes you seem more mature. It gives off an impression of paying great attention to detail in meetings and at work, adding an air of self-confidence.

Carry a Briefcase

People who carry a briefcase exude an air of importance. Regardless of its contents, this corporate prop makes others assume you hold a high position in the company. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer in an inexpensive suit running late to the office; most people will primarily notice the briefcase.

Schedule Fake Meetings

If you are frequently seen as idle, many may doubt your importance as a professional. Grab your laptop and headphones and head to a meeting, even if there is none. Make it appear legitimate by having a room scheduled. Act like a VIP, wear your headphones, and pretend to be deeply engaged in a Skype call with department heads, even if it’s just your mother on the line.

Make Louder Business Calls

Impress people by making yourself overheard while making important business calls. The key is to make others feel that you are vital to the organization, valuable and that your ideas hold significance.

Use Business Jargon

Even highly knowledgeable people may sometimes seem insignificant when they are overly humble and don’t speak up. Incorporate jargon and terminologies related to your profession into your daily vocabulary. Make it sound natural, and people will start to perceive you as a big deal.

Keep Lots of Stationery

Having an abundance of stationery may give the impression that you are a dedicated professional, always busy and needing to jot things down to keep up with your schedule. Keep a nice pen in your pocket too.

Keep LinkedIn Open

Take advantage of colleagues’ curiosity by keeping your LinkedIn page open at all times on a different tab in your browser. Subtly impress people when they approach your cubicle by quickly browsing the professional network platform.

Invest in a Headpiece

A headpiece with Bluetooth technology may not be cutting-edge, but it’s popular and inexpensive. Make people think that you’re too preoccupied with work to have time to grab your phone when somebody calls, appearing extremely professional.

Irrespective of your field or occupation, these tips will help you enhance your professional appearance, making you stand out and leave a lasting impression. It may take time, so practice and make it seem natural, and success will follow. Projecting confidence and importance may someday lead you to your dream position.

Image Source: Gorodenkoff @ShutterStock

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