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These Countries Have Some Real Issues With America

Image Source: canadastock / Shutterstock

According to a Pew Research survey gauging global perceptions of the United States, 63% of Greeks harbor negative feelings towards the country. The primary issue? Public drinking!

Apparently, Greeks strongly disapprove of Americans indulging in open-air drinking in their country. Perhaps the matter of national debt has left a sour taste in their mouths.


While Greeks take issue with intoxicated American visitors, Egyptians’ discontent with the United States stems more from political issues than holiday habits. The survey indicates that 85% of Egyptians disapprove of U.S. decisions.

The country also harbors deep resentment towards the U.S. for its perceived inaction against the Muslim Brotherhood. The reduction in foreign aid only exacerbates the situation.


The intricate relationship between Germany and the United States is not unexpected given their complicated history. Despite Germans’ eagerness for positive views from Americans, there is still lingering animosity. With a 47% unfavorable rating, Germans perceive Americans as lazy and messy. Germany sure doesn’t mince words.

Matching German perfectionism seems like a tall order, leaving them somewhat isolated. They also take umbrage at what they perceive as excessive American patriotism. It’s worth remembering that Germans had a significant nationalist fervor themselves not long ago.

Iran has been swift to criticize the U.S. for any internal unrest it faces, a stance that doesn’t sit well with America, especially given Iran’s own internal instability.

There appears to be a disparity between public opinion and the government’s stance, despite Jordan being one of America’s closest allies alongside Israel.


The relationship between Russia and the United States has historically been fraught, a theme explored in countless Hollywood films. Nearly every action film depicts the tense dynamic between these two nations through various lens…The 80s and 90s saw a slippery Russian spy and the American hero in many stories.

A Pew survey reveals a 71% unfavorable rating toward America. Despite a moment that hinted at change, it seems that Russia and America’s relationship was always bound to be difficult.


Belarus’s ties to Russia affect its relationship with America. Economic challenges often lead to unfavorable views of the U.S.

Belarus’s disapproval rate is high at 69%, possibly linked to its economic situation.


Policy changes in aid to Lebanon post-2007 have led to a 57% disapproval rate towards America.

Lebanon’s perceptions of European countries, like Germany, have also decreased.


Argentinians struggle with sharing a continent with the U.S., particularly when Americans claim the term ‘American’ for themselves. This is a sensitive topic for South Americans.

Improving this perception could help address the 57% disapproval rating towards the U.S.


Austria holds a 55% disapproval rating of the U.S. This sentiment could stem from contrasting opinions on food choices between Austrians and Americans.

While enjoying Wiener Schnitzel and Tafelspitz, Austrians have a distaste for American fast food.


Eastern European nations, including Slovenia, typically have strained relations with the U.S. owing to historical conflicts between Americans and Russians.

Slovenia’s disapproval rating stands at 54%, indicating a significant portion of the population holds negative views. There is hope for improved relations in the future.

Image Source: canadastock / Shutterstock

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