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This Is How Politicians’ Social Media Habits Are No Better Than Yours

Image Source: fizkes / Shutterstock

Scrolling too much through social media is nothing new. And in recent years we have been doing it so much it’s been making our fingers bleed. But doomscrolling isn’t only something us mere people do. Politicians are no better.

According to a new Pew research, congress representatives have been using social media almost twice as much as they used to in 2016. For instance, Congress members now post 48% more Facebook content than they did four years ago! That’s right, they are as addicted as we are, only with fancier suits.

What is their purpose for using it?

The research found that some of the most successful posts revolve around their political opponents. So apparently, all that social media activity is not even aimed at reaching out to the people, as they spend too much time talking about each other, similar to a Lindsay Lohan movie.

The primary differences

It appears that politicians’ social media platform preferences vary depending on their political affiliation. The research found that Democrats favor Twitter, while Republicans lean toward Facebook. Furthermore, political social media presence also differs in terms of topics. According to the research, Democrats tend to post about social issues and human rights, such as equal pay, workers’ rights, and gun safety. On the other hand, Republicans frequently use phrases like “pro-growth” and “bureaucrats,” but strangely enough, they also use phrases like “enjoyed visiting” and “Christ.”

Image Source: fizkes / Shutterstock

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