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    TikToker Shares Insights on Working at Disney Parks

    Disney parks are globally recognized as top family entertainment destinations where cast members, the employees, strive to deliver exceptional service. While these cast members are dedicated to offering smiles and assistance, there are limits to what guests should expect from them.

    A TikToker known as @dappermanatee recently uploaded a video revealing his experiences as a former cast member at a Disney park. He mentioned how guests would frequently make unreasonable requests or ask him to break rules, even though he was committed to providing great service, there were boundaries he couldn’t cross.

    “It’s our responsibility. We’re not here to be your friends. Don’t expect me to bend the rules for you,” he emphasized. “Don’t request me to grant you park entry, that’s the oddest part.” Guests often tried to get free admission by noticing his name tag, unaware that he couldn’t fulfill such requests.

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    He also advised guests that if they come across a cast member not in proper attire, they should refrain from seeking assistance from them as there are usually enough on-duty cast members available to help instead.

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