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    Timothée Chalamet Used to be a YouTuber

    **Timothée Chalamet Started as a YouTuber**

    It may come as a surprise that Timothée Chalamet, a prominent figure in Hollywood today, had his beginnings in the world of YouTube. While there is typically a distinction between YouTubers and traditional celebrities, some rising stars have straddled both realms. One such revelation is the unearthing of a YouTube channel called “ModdedController360” by Vice, dating back a decade. This channel, run by an unnamed creator with a distinct adolescent voice, showcased various mods and paint jobs on Xbox 360 controllers.

    The intriguing part is Vice’s speculation that this YouTube channel belonged to none other than Timothée Chalamet, known for his roles in recent hits like “Dune” and the upcoming portrayal of Willy Wonka. Chalamet’s early on-screen appearance in a Law & Order cameo from 2009 featured a voice strikingly similar to the one in the YouTube videos. Furthermore, Vice uncovered compelling evidence, such as photos of a young Chalamet in a chair identical to the one seen in the videos and a distinctive scar on his left ring finger.

    Following Vice’s expose, Chalamet confirmed the channel’s authenticity in an interview and revealed that he used to sell the custom-painted controllers for a few dollars. So, if you happen to own a tiger-striped Xbox 360 controller from 2010, congratulations – you possess a rare Chalament collectible item!

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