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Toblerone’s Packaging Changes Due to Production Relocation

Moving manufacturing sites leads to adjustments in Toblerone’s packaging.

Aside from its distinctive triangular shape, one of the most recognizable features of the luxury candy bar Toblerone has been the image of the Matterhorn on its packaging and the claim of Swiss production. However, recent changes in Toblerone’s production processes will bring about alterations to these familiar elements.

The company behind Toblerone, Mondelez, has revealed plans to shift some of its production operations from Switzerland to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. In adherence to the “Swissness” laws implemented in Switzerland in 2017, products that are not wholly sourced and manufactured in Switzerland cannot assert Swiss production or display Swiss symbols. As a result, Toblerone’s packaging will undergo modifications.

“Due to legal requirements stemming from our manufacturing adjustments, we are updating our packaging to comply with Swissness legislation. We have removed the Swiss production claim from the front of Toblerone packaging and replaced the descriptor ‘of Switzerland’ with ‘established in,'” explained a Mondelez spokesperson to CNN. The iconic Matterhorn image will be replaced with a more generic mountain depiction.

The revised packaging will showcase “a new distinctive Toblerone font and logo,” along with the signature of Theodor Tobler, one of the candy’s original creators.

“Bern holds a significant place in our history and will remain so in the future,” added the spokesperson.

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