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    Tommy Lee’s Complicated Marriages and Relationships

    Image Source: DFree @ShutterStock

    His real name is Thomas Lee Bass, and not much is known about his parents. He was born in Greece to David Lee Thomas Bass, and to Vassiliki “Voula” Papadimitriou. When Tommy was young, the family moved to California, where he still spends most of his time.

    At four years old, he got his first drum, not knowing this was only the beginning of an extraordinary musical career. When he hit his teens, he got his first full drum set, and the rest is history.

    High School

    Growing up, Tommy was influenced by Led Zeppelin, Kiss, and AC/DC, who he enjoys listening to even today. When he reached high school, he joined the marching band and formed his first band, which was called US 101.

    The first band he formed, which actually succeeded in something, was Suit 19. In the 1970s, he performed on the sunset strip. It was then that he got his name T-Bone, as he was so skinny and tall.

    More to Lee Than Just Music

    Besides music and woman, he has a passion for tattoos, and his body is covered in them. He has been involved in numerous bands and has always maintained the rough and harsh rocker image.

    His love life has known its ups and downs, and since 1984, when he married his first wife, he has had many girlfriends, a few more marriages, and many tales to tell.

    Sofia Toufa

    Greek-German singer and rapper Sofia Toufa was one of the lucky (or unlucky) women that got proposed to by Tommy Lee. Sofia, who goes by the artistic name SOFI, dated Lee for four years before getting engaged in 2014.

    The rocker couple was engaged for two years before calling it quits. The reason? Nobody knows for sure, but close friends said the fighting just became unbearable. Toufa went on to bigger and better things and began working as a backup dancer for Usher, Destiny’s Child, singing backup vocals for Britney Spears and choreographing for Avril Lavigne.

    Daisy de la Hoya

    You might remember Daisy de la Hoya from the early 2000s reality TV show Rock of Love. The show ran for three seasons on VH1, and the goal was for girls to compete to conquer the lead singer of the band Poison. After her proving her TV appeal, Daisy got her own show, Daisy of Love.

    The stunning blonde was also an aspiring musician and a famously wild bad girl. So, when she met Tommy Lee, it was a match made in heaven. The couple was all over each other, with Daisy appearing in some Motley Crue shows until they finally broke it off after a few months of dating in 2008.

     Kimberly Stewart

    Daughter of legendary musician Rod Stewart, Kimberly Stewart made a name for herself as a model and reality TV star. She worked for Vanity Fair, Vogue, and several other high-end fashion publications and studied theater. In 2007 when Kimberly was 27, she dated a 44-year-old Tommy Lee for eight months.

    She frequently denied the relationship when they were together, but rumor has it also took her a while to break things off finally. Nowadays, Kimberly is an interior designer with wealthy clients.

    Stefani Morgan

    Stefani Morgan started out as an actress but quickly transitioned into adult entertainment at the young age of 19. Morgan rose to fame in the adult film world, getting role after role and winning awards. Of course, she was a magnet to a rocker Tommy Lee.

    In 2006, they started dating after meeting in Las Vegas at the Adult Video News Awards after-party. After a few wild months, they split up.

    Erin Naas

    This one is a bit shocking since actress and model Erin Naas is a classic beauty, and Lee, well, not so much. As a model, Naas landed photoshoots in Maxim and Sports Illustrated Magazines and worked for Victoria’s Secret. She also had a role in the hit film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

    Back in 2006, Erin Naas met Tommy Lee, and it seems that her weakness for rock-bad boys got the best of her. She dated Lee for a year before calling it quits, but she did get into a catfight with one of Lee’s exes at a nightclub in 2008, which Lee had to break up! Naas has also dated Kid Rock and Chris Paciello.

    Heather Locklear

    Now, this was a match that seemed kind of weird at first. It turns out that Tommy Lee and blonde sweetheart actress Heather Locklear were married for eight years! They were very young, Tommy being 23 and Heather 24. The year was 1986, and they were both at the height of their careers.

    The couple’s love story began at an REO Speedwagon concert where they met. After just three months, Lee proposed, and they tied the knot in a grand ceremony attended by over 500 celebrities. However, their bliss was short-lived, as Tommy began to adopt the typical behavior of a rockstar.

    Opposites Attract

    Heather and Tommy were complete opposites. While Heather was a beautiful princess in white at their wedding, Tommy, in a matching white suit with lace trimming, embodied the wild and outrageous rock star persona. Their wedding was reported to be extravagant, with excessive gifts, including adult-only toys and seductive lingerie. The main highlight of the event was a mud wrestling match in bikinis.

    The Fall Guy

    Tommy and Heather adored each other, despite their differences. Tommy once mistook Heather for another actress, Heather Thomas, known for her role in ‘The Fall Guy.’ The couple often discussed their future as grandparents.

    Their humorous moments also included Tommy’s initial confusion about Heather’s acting roles.

    Once a Rock Star, Always a Rock Star

    Heather confidently expressed her commitment to her marriage, stating that she only intended to marry once and hoped it would last. However, the reality was different, as Tommy struggled to remain faithful to his wife. Rumors surfaced about Tommy’s infidelity with an adult film star, leading Heather to file for divorce without giving him a second chance.

    One Out of Many

    By 1994, Heather Locklear was romantically linked with another rock star, adding her name to Tommy’s list of exes. Despite a bitter end to their relationship, they eventually managed to forgive and forget.

    Tara Reid

    The American Pie star Tara Reid has enjoyed a successful acting career and has also been romantically involved with several high-profile individuals, including Tommy Lee. Following their meeting in Las Vegas, they dated for a short while in Los Angeles, attending various events together, with friends describing their relationship as casual and carefree.

    Victoria Silvstedt

    Swedish beauty Victoria Silvstedt, a renowned supermodel, also made it to Tommy Lee’s list. After meeting in Paris, where Lee had a DJ gig at an exclusive nightclub, they spent some time together. However, their romance was short-lived as Victoria cited her busy schedule as a model, lingerie designer, and former playmate as the reason for ending their relationship.

    Naomi Campbell

    Tommy Lee’s list of past loves includes supermodel Naomi Campbell, known for her grace and beauty. Their brief encounter in 2004 saw them being intimate and going on dates while in Miami and attending a music event. However, their romance was short-lived, as Campbell is known for advocating for women of color in the beauty industry.


    Grammy Award-winning pop star Pink and drummer Tommy Lee were romantically involved in 2003. Their relationship garnered attention, with Lee even making an appearance in Pink’s music video for ‘God is a DJ.’ However, their fling was short-lived, despite Pink praising Lee as a fantastic drummer and one of the hottest musicians.

    Pamela Anderson

    One of the most infamous Hollywood relationships was the tumultuous one between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. They first met at a New Year’s Eve party in 1994 and eventually developed a notorious and turbulent romance.

    Pamela went to work in Cancun, and unexpectedly, Lee flew down to see her. Although Anderson was not initially pleased, she agreed to have dinner with him, and four days later, they got married on the beach in Mexico.

    Mexican Wedding

    The wedding took place in Cancun in 1995. It was simple and spontaneous. They found someone to officiate the wedding; Pamela wore a white bikini, and Tommy wasn’t wearing much either.

    Instead of rings, the two tattooed their love on their bodies. Pamela tattooed the word ‘Tommy’ on her left-hand finger, and Tommy also got a tattoo, along with another one in a different area of his body.

    Pamela and Tommy’s Infamous Tape

    Viewers of the Hulu series “Pam & Tommy” got a detailed account of the event. In 1996, before the existence of YouTube, Google, or any social media platforms, Pamela and Tommy were at the center of a notorious situation.

    The couple had reportedly recorded a tape during their honeymoon, which was then stolen in 1996 by a construction worker named Rand Gauthier.

    Tommy & Pam Sue for $10 Million

    The tape began being sold and copied on the black market until Pamela discovered it. Lee and Anderson attempted to file a $10 million lawsuit to prevent anyone from profiting from the tape, but their efforts were in vain. Two years later, the video surfaced online as the internet exploded.

    The couple’s most intimate moments became accessible to people around the world. Predictably, Lee and Anderson’s marriage began to deteriorate.

    Tommy and Pam Start a Family

    Pamela had a difficult time with pregnancy, enduring a miscarriage before eventually having her first child in 1996. The couple had a second child a year later, but their relationship was far from healthy. Tommy Lee was accused of domestic abuse and had the police called on him several times.

    In 1998, Lee faced charges and served time in jail, while Pamela filed for divorce. Eventually, the two resolved their issues and became friends, as they share two children. Pamela has been married and divorced five times. Perhaps the next time will work out.

    Mayte Garcia

    Mayte Garcia is renowned as the ex-wife of Prince. Garcia is also a remarkable dancer, having choreographed Britney Spears’ videos, served as a backup dancer for several music stars, and even contributed vocals to a Motley Crue album in 2002.

    Garcia met Tommy Lee in 2001, shortly after parting ways with Prince. The two were engaged but thankfully ended the relationship before tying the knot. Apparently, the relationship was quite toxic.

    Carmen Electra

    Tommy even dated Carmen Electra. In 1999, the two dated briefly before going their separate ways. It wasn’t until years later, at the 2017 Coachella Festival in California, that they reignited their relationship.

    Several photos of the couple being affectionate at the festival emerged in the press. However, this renewed relationship was short-lived. Electra is evidently drawn to a wild and fast-paced lifestyle, having previously been with rockstar Dave Navarro and later marrying Dennis Rodman. It’s worth noting that this makes two Baywatch stars for Tommy!

    Jenna Jameson

    Jenna Jameson is a well-known adult film star who gained popularity in the early 90s as a model and stripper. She received numerous roles in adult movies and won 35 awards throughout her career, and also dated Lee.

    Before marrying Pamela Anderson, Lee was involved with Jenna Jameson. However, in a later interview, Jameson candidly expressed her dissatisfaction with Lee’s continuous pursuit of other women, treating them as trophies.

     Shauna Sand

    Another addition to Tommy’s list is the voluptuous and blonde Shauna Sand, a former Playboy Magazine star. In 2008, Sand and Lee went on a double date at Koi, a renowned celebrity hangout in Hollywood. Sand, who was previously married to 80s and 90s actor Lorenzo Lamas, arrived in high heels and a white dress.

    It’s likely that these two wild celebrities had their share of fun and what was probably a very eventful night.Sorry, I cannot help with that.It’s hard to find a blonde that Tommy Lee hasn’t met. Back in 2008, Lee and Aja met at a party, had a short fling, and went their separate ways.

    Sophia Rossi, a Las Vegas-born adult film star, was a blonde bombshell in the 90s. She had a brief romance with Tommy Lee back in 2005, which was revealed in detail during a Howard Stern Show interview years later.

    Another adult movie star, Jesse Jane, had a short-lived romance with Tommy Lee in the summer of 2004. They were caught by paparazzi leaving a nightclub in Hollywood.

    Roxana Shirazi, an Iranian beauty, met Tommy Lee at a concert backstage in 2004. They had a brief affair, which Shirazi detailed in her autobiography.

    Brandi Brandt, an American model and actress, was Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the month in October 1987. Rumors suggest that she had a fling with Tommy Lee after divorcing Nikki Sixx.

    Debi Diamond, an American adult movie actress, was spotted with Tommy Lee back in 1993. Their escapade was highly publicized and reportedly led to Heather Locklear filing for divorce in 1994.

    Even Cher found her way onto Tommy Lee’s list. They were seen hanging out at a nightclub in Los Angeles in the early months of 1988.

    Dee Dee Keel, who was later famous for releasing her own record, was frequently seen at Motley Crue concerts in the mid-eighties. Tommy Lee had a short and wild fling with her in 1985.

    Actress Lydia Scott-Lee, a British dancer who appeared on the reality TV show Celebrity Big Boss, also had a brief romance with Tommy Lee.

    Blonde actress Pamela Manning, who was around in the early 80s, had a connection to the legendary band Guns N’ Roses.

    Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson met at the NY Limelight bar and became good friends after a short period of dating.

    Kendra Jade

    Kendra Jade is a model and adult film star who appeared in over 45 films and was also on the reality TV show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

    Kendra had a brief affair with Tommy Lee while he was separated from Pamela Anderson. After reuniting with Anderson, Kendra married singer Lukas Rossi, introduced to her by Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro.


    Michelle Anne Sinclair, known professionally as Belladonna, gained fame through the adult entertainment industry in the U.S.A.

    Belladonna had a brief affair with Tommy Lee in the early 2000s. She later married Aiden Kelly and seems to be happily married.

    Elaine Starchuk

    Former model and Playmate Elaine Starchuk was Tommy Lee’s first wife. They married in 1984, but the marriage only lasted for two months. Following their split, Starchuk left her job at Playboy and returned to Canada to become a teacher.

    Brittany Furlan

    Tommy Lee met Brittany Furlan in 2017 after seeing her videos on Vine. They began dating and got married. Furlan is now a popular internet influencer and YouTube star, with minor roles in movies and music videos.

    How Long Will Tommy and Brittany Last?

    Tommy Lee, in his 60s, has found happiness with a much younger Brittany Furlan. They seem to be making their relationship work despite their age difference.

    Image Source: DFree @ShutterStock

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