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Top 3 Extreme Sports Activities To Do In Slovenia

ImageCredit : slovenia.explore @ Instagram

When it comes to natural wonders, the Trenta-Bovec-Žaga should definitely rank high on the list. It’s located at the northwestern section of Slovenia and boasts plummeting gorges, towering limestone mountains of the Julian Alps, and a pristine river. The region has a rich history, being inhabited by sheepherders, alpinists, and iron miners over the centuries. Today, many travelers are starting to appreciate its offerings, luring sporty adventurers to check it out.

Petra Vasadi, the owner of a rafting company called Soca Rider, says that this is the only place where you can participate in various extreme activities such as rafting, fly fishing, paragliding, and mountain biking, all within a spring weekend, while enjoying the beauty of nature.

The region’s mammoth Triglav National Park (it’s 324-square-miles in size!) provides plenty of space for all its guests to roam comfortably, along with mountain huts and villages covered in fairytale-like surroundings where tourists can rest after a tiring day filled with fun.

There are countless activities to try out when you visit this region, but to us, the following are our top 3!

Raft the Soča River

The emerald color of the Soča River is a result of its limestone bedrock, and the sight of its crystalline waters is mesmerizing. The rafting experience covers over 15 miles of varying levels of rapids (from Class I to IV) located between the Lepena and Trnovo settlements. The river’s hue, boulder “gardens”, and gorges lined by forests are a heavenly sight to see and attract both rafters and kayakers alike. 

The river has a grim history, being a site of conflict during WWI, but today it’s peaceful and serene, particularly the pools and coves located between rapids. During the spring melt, the river runs higher than usual, and in the summer and early fall, tourists can expect warmer weather that balances the brisk water’s cool temperature.

 Hike mountain slopes

Trenta lies within a valley shaped like a horseshoe and is a starting point for long hikes, such as the 12-mile Trenta–Kranjska Gora stage of the Alpe-Adria Trail. This trail passes through crests, forests, and a 5,285-foot Vršič Pass. A small wooden chapel built by Russian prisoners of war in 1917 offers a respite to hikers. If you want to hack the climb, ride a cable car in Bovec. After 35 minutes of a vertical ascend, you will arrive at the Kanin ski resort, which offers various hikes, including an 8,487-foot hike to the summit of Big Mount Kanin, showcasing amazing views that stretch to the Adriatic Sea.

Cycle Vršič Pass.

The 39-mile adventure from Kranjska Gora to Trnovo includes goosebump-inducing vistas, a 4,035-feet elevation gain, and 50 switchbacks. The path primarily consists of cobblestone and asphalt. Cyclists will pass a monument in honor of Julius Kugy, an Italian climber and botanist who explored the mountain, a WWI cemetery, and the Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden, best visited during May and June.

The trail begins with a relatively easy 25-mile spin at the town of Tolmin, tracing the aquamarine Most na Soči lake, and passing through a group of villages before reaching the medieval town of Kanal. The adventure offers breathtaking sights and a test of endurance for cyclists.

ImageCredit : slovenia.explore @ Instagram

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