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‘Twister’ Sequel to Release in 2024

The tornado’s back for another round.

1996’s Twister was one of the biggest box-office hits of its age in spite of its simple premise of scientists pursuing a gigantic tornado around the United States. Raking in $500 million at the box office, Twister is often credited (sometimes sarcastically) with sparking off the trend of disaster movies that dominated theaters in the late 90s. It’s been almost 30 years since then, and it looks like another storm is brewing.

According to a Variety report, Universal is developing a modern sequel to Twister, currently projected for a theatrical release in summer 2024. The film has been aptly named “Twisters,” implying that there will be more than one giant tornado to contend with this time around. Lee Isaac Chung has been attached to direct, while Mark L. Smith is putting the screenplay together.

It is not currently known if the big names from the original film like Helen Hunt or Bill Paxton will be returning for Twisters. Universal does describe the new film as “a new chapter from the 1996 movie,” though whether that means the same characters will be involved or not is unclear.

Assuming the film stays true to its planned summer 2024 release date, it will hit theaters around the same time as other major blockbusters like Transformers: A New Generation and Marvel’s Thunderbolts.

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