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Twitter Reveals ‘Circle’ for Private Tweets

Circle tweets can only be seen by designated users.

Twitter may be in the midst of a major financial deal with Elon Musk, but they’re still chugging along on the development and implementation of new features. No, they haven’t worked out an edit button just yet, but they have devised a way to limit who can and can’t see your tweets without having to take your entire account private.

As they revealed this week, Twitter’s newest feature is called Circle. Basically, Twitter Circle allows you to create tweets that only certain users, selected by you, are able to see. Whenever you make a new tweet, you’ll get the option to choose up to 150 users to give permission to see the tweet. Everyone else won’t even know the hidden tweet went up; it’s for select eyes only. The special tweet can’t be retweeted by members of the Circle, and members of the Circle can’t see who else has access to the tweet.

The new feature has been likened to Facebook’s Select Audience function and Instagram’s Close Friends function. It’s still in a bit of a testing phase right now, so you can only create one Circle at a time. This means that you can’t pick and choose who sees the tweet for every individual tweet, just make a group that has general permissions to see them. Also, if someone else adds you to a Circle, you can’t remove yourself from it, though you can still mute their tweet threads if you don’t want to be involved.

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